A new type of ownership

In 1986, our founder came across a problem. Looking for a convenient and flexible way to fly, he considered buying a private jet. But while the freedom of ownership made sense, the expense and responsibilities that came with it didn't.

He then considered co-ownership. Managing the schedules of his intended co-owners, however, proved impossible. And he would still have to hire pilots, hangar the plane, and manage its maintenance.

The need for a new ownership model became apparent. One with all the benefits of having access to your own plane, but none of the hassle or unreasonable expense.

Fractional ownership was born.

Backing from Warren Buffett

After three years of being a NetJets Owner, Warren Buffett was so impressed he bought the entire company in 1998. With the unmatched resources of Berkshire Hathaway behind us, we’ve been able to invest whatever is necessary to provide the safest, most reliable private jet service available. 

Setting industry standards

Over the past 25+ years, NetJets has flown more hours than all other fractional aircraft companies combined. Our fleet is the largest and most diverse. Our safety and training procedures are second to none. And our varied flight programs and bespoke solutions give Owners exactly what they need.

We arrived first. And we've led the way since.

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Our philosophy


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