The Benefits

NetJets has a worldwide fleet of approximatel 700¹ aircraft. You can have a jet ready and waiting in as little as four to 10 hours. You’ll enjoy the support of an entire company, one that hires the pilots, maintains the planes, and attends to logistics.

Supplemental lift

Whether your aircraft is out of service for maintenance or already booked, NetJets can provide additional lift just about whenever and wherever you need it.

Better use of your aircraft

NetJets can fly from wherever you want. This allows you to better manage empty legs and increase the efficiency of your fleet.

Crew relief

Is a pilot ill or a crew approaching their maximum duty limit? No worries. With NetJets, you’ve got a reliable backup plan.

Access to multiple aircraft

Depending on the size and type of your share, you may be able to use multiple aircarft on the same day.

Payment structure

One-time acquisition fee: based upon share size and aircraft type. Flexible leases and pre-owned shares are also available.

Monthly management fee: covers indirect operating costs such as pilot salaries, training, hangar use, liability insurance, and Owner Services support.

Occupied hourly fee: covers direct operating costs such as standard fuel, maintenance, and landing fees. You are billed only for occupied flight hours – wheels up to wheels down – plus six minutes of taxi time at the beginning and end of each flight.

Other fees: include a monthly fuel variable, international fees (as applicable), a federal excise tax, and ground transportation.

How it works

Simply purchase or lease an undivided interest in a specific serial-numbered aircraft. Your share size depends on hours needed per year (e.g. a 1/16 interest equals 50 hours of annual flight time). You are charged only for the hours you fly, not for the time required to bring the aircraft to your departure location2. Enjoy guaranteed access to your aircraft, an identical one, or a larger one. You can exchange among all 13 jet types – and between the NetJets U.S. and Europe programs.

NetJets offers a reliable, cost-effective way to supplement your fleet with 25 or more flight hours per year.

Example scenario

Example scenario

Your company has two planes. Each is unavailable for a total of 3-4 months every year due to standard maintenance requirements.

To ensure your colleagues can fly even when your planes can’t, you partner with NetJets. This gives you 100% service, 100% of the time – at the same rigorous standards you expect from your own fleet.

NetJets differences

What sets NetJets apart? Everything.

Highest safety standards

Highest safety standards

Our safety standards are second to none. We have the most stringent maintenance and operational procedures. We perform exhaustive security checks before every flight. We buy only the best aircraft with the most advanced safety equipment.

Most experience

Most experience

Not only did we invent the fractional aircraft ownership industry, but we’ve flown more hours than all other private aviation companies combined.

Fleet overview

Fleet overview

NetJets gives you guaranteed access to the largest, most diverse fleet in private aviation. Whatever your need, we have a jet for you.

A Berkshire Hathaway company

A Berkshire Hathaway company

NetJets is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. This allows us to invest whatever it takes to offer the safest, most secure private aviation service.

Take an in-depth look at these and other NetJets differences

Why NetJets

1 Worldwide Fleet

Total number of aircraft includes aircraft under management by Executive Jet® Management.

2 Ferry waiver program

Owners of a NetJets Share, NetJets Lease, and Marquis Jet Card can fly ferry free between the Collective Service Area (includes the continental United States and select cities in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec) and the specific ferry waiver zone for the aircraft type owned. Aircraft in the NetJets U.S. fleet are categorized into five groups which are based on aircraft type and range, with zones expanding to correspond to the range of the aircraft in the group. Ferry Waiver program not available for Marquis Jet Card customers on peak period days or on flights before 9am on day after peak period days.


Our private aviation experts can talk you through how it works, the aircraft types and share sizes that best meet your needs, and pricing details.

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