NetJets Aviation, Inc. - All aircraft offered by NetJets in the United States are operated by NetJets Aviation. Operations center located in Columbus, OH.

NetJets Europe - All aircraft offered by NetJets Europe are operated, maintained, and crewed by NetJets Transportes Aéreos, SA, an EU Carrier. Operations center located in Lisbon, Portugal.

Executive Jet® Management - Executive Jet Management offers on-demand air charter services, charter aircraft management, and turnkey aircraft management services. Operations center located in Cincinnati, OH.

Marquis Jet® Partners, Inc. - Marquis Jet® Partners, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of NetJets Inc. and sells the Marquis Jet Card®. Marquis Jet Card flights are operated by NetJets Aviation under its 14 CFR Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate.

QS Partners - We work with individuals and businesses that own, or are considering ownership of, whole aircraft. Because no two transactions are the same, our brokerage services are customized for each client's unique needs.


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