Two decades after making an indelible mark on human history in World War II, three retired military pilots set out to change the course of aviation history.

It was more than 50 years ago, 1964, that U.S. Air Force Generals Curtis LeMay and Paul Tibbets, with U.S. Army Air Corpsman Bruce Sundlun, partnered to give birth to NetJets’ forerunner, Executive Jet Aviation, one of the world’s first aircraft management businesses. With retired Air Force Brigadier General Dick Lassiter serving as president and chairman of the board – not to mention founding partners such as entertainers James Stewart and Arthur Godfrey – we were in quite capable hands right from the start. And we’ve been pioneers ever since.

In 1984, when Richard Santulli purchased EJA and created the NetJets program – and with it, the concept of fractional ownership – we truly cemented our place in the record books.

In the following years, we grew steadily and constantly looked for new ways to ensure we provided the best safety and service for our Owners: new aircraft, new facilities, new global programs. In 1995, Warren Buffett joined NetJets as a customer; by 1998, he was so impressed with the operation that he bought the company, adding it to the Berkshire Hathaway empire. From then on, with Berkshire’s backing, NetJets has had unmatched resources to invest in whatever it takes to always be the best and safest player in the industry.

Today, NetJets continues to uniquely and expertly fill a crucial need – helping our Owners save time in order to take care of what’s most important in their lives. And as we nurture a nascent operation in China, add state-of-the-art aircraft worldwide, and take any and all steps to provide the most seamless and enjoyable travel experience possible, you can bet that we will continue to live up to our promise.

We arrived first. And we've led the way since.

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