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Flying with NetJets isn’t just about getting from Point A to Point B. It’s about traveling on your terms.

Need to adjust your schedule at the last minute? No problem. Need a different aircraft type to better suit your upcoming trip? It’s our pleasure. Specific catering preferences? Kindly let us know what they are. Whether traveling for business or leisure, NetJets allows you to focus on your priorities while you take comfort in the knowledge that we have all aspects of your flight covered.

You're in control

Only NetJets® has the world’s largest fleet of private jets. This means:

• Guaranteed aircraft availability, just about anytime, anywhere

• Flying where you want, when you want

• Taking off and landing from more airports than commercial airlines

Being a NetJets Owner or Marquis Jet Card Owner means being in control of your travel, your business, your life
Imagine being on your annual family vacation in Sun Valley, ID. A few days into your trip you leave one morning after breakfast to visit a new potential venture in New Mexico and are able to get back to your family that evening in time for dessert. With most private companies you’d be lucky to complete such a trip in 24 hours. And with commercial, practically speaking, it could never happen.

Being in control means being able to change your mind
NetJets understands that our Owners’ plans can change and only in the rarest of circumstances will we charge for cancellations. Charter operators almost always charge you to cancel a flight – sometimes up to 100% of the cost of the planned trip.

Effortless travel

Every time you fly with NetJets, literally dozens of people have a direct hand in making your flight as safe and relaxing as possible.

• Call us anytime, day or night, to arrange for your jet

• Enjoy guaranteed access to your aircraft with as little as four to 10 hours’ notice depending on the aircraft type

• React quickly to changing weather conditions

• Avoid lengthy security lines, flight delays, unnecessary connections, and lost luggage

• Take off within minutes of arriving at the airport

• Start your vacation the second you step onboard

• Hold meetings in privacy

• Read your favorite magazines and watch your favorite films

• Fly to multiple cities in a single day

• Spend more time at your destination and less time getting there

• Spend more nights asleep in your own bed

Fly with your pets

Last year we flew 9,663 flights with pets and had a total of 14,376 pet passengers. Every passenger onboard a NetJets flight receives first-rate service – even if that passenger happens to be a Jack Russell. All you need to do is follow some simple FAA guidelines:
All pets must be secured by a seatbelt, which can be connected to a leash or harness, or placed in a pet carrier during flight. If your pet weighs less than 150 pounds, your pet may occupy one of the passenger seats. Pets over 150 pounds must remain on the floor.

Please note if the number of passengers onboard is at or near maximum capacity, traveling with pets may be restricted. For more information about traveling with your pets – and to add your pets to the flight itinerary – simply contact your Owner Services Team.

We clean our planes thoroughly after every flight. So every time you step onboard, the cabin is spotless.

Superior catering

Forget what you thought about in-flight dining. NetJets has elevated the experience.

Family enjoying dinner onboard

We work with premier caterers across the country to ensure you are provided with delicious meals customized to your taste and that you’ll actually look forward to eating.

Flights on large cabin aircraft will have a flight attendant and thus the ability to have hot food and a formal dining experience.

We also provide a range of top-quality snacks and drinks on all our aircraft and an assortment of wines chosen in collaboration with the experts at Wine Spectator.

Whenever possible, we also accommodate Owner requests for food from local restaurants.

In short, we do whatever it takes to make dining with NetJets a delight.

Lower fuel costs

NetJets overall fuel buying volume is several times larger than any single general aviation buyer, resulting in meaningful savings that are passed on to our Owners.  Additionally, NetJets works tirelessly to minimize the effect that rising fuel prices have on our Owners.

This involves:

• Negotiating competitive fuel price deals with FBOs
• Working with fuel suppliers to find alternative supply sources
• Negotiating better freight rates
• Negotiating lower processing costs

The result?

We’ve dramatically increased the fuel discount NetJets Owners and Marquis Jet Card Owners receive. In August 2003 our Owners spent $0.67 less per gallon than the national average, while in February 2012 our Owners spent $1.34 less per gallon.

Collectively, this saves our Owners millions of dollars each year.

We also work to eliminate fees that other private aviation companies charge their customers

NetJets Owners and Marquis Jet Card Owners are not billed for many of the services that FBOs and airports in the U.S. charge. These include parking, lavatory use, ground power units, and landing, ramp, and after-hours fees.

Not only does this save our Owners over $30 million annually, but it makes fractional jet ownership that much more convenient.

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