NetJets adds a new safety feature to all super midsize and large cabin NetJets Signature Series aircraft

NetJets Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company and the worldwide leader in private aviation for nearly 50 years, announced today that the company is partnering with Remote Diagnostic Technologies Ltd.

NetJets is the Only Private Jet Operator to Standardize this Device on New Global Long-Range Fleet

The Tempus IC is a lightweight, compact telemedicine device that uses the plane’s onboard satellite communication capability to connect to a doctor on the ground in the event of a medical emergency. The device enables trained medical experts to begin helping the crew and passengers within minutes of a medical incident occurring on board, especially in remote areas or on long flights, such as flying over the ocean. The Tempus device provides real time video, voice and clinical grade vital signs including a diagnostic EKG, blood pressure, pulse, temperature, blood sugar, breath gas, blood oxygen and respiration levels. The Signature Series Bombardier Global 5000, 6000 and Challenger 350 and 605 aircraft, both in the U.S. and Europe, will all be equipped with the Tempus device as these are the Signature Series aircraft most likely to perform long-range flights within remote airspace.

“NetJets prides itself on having the highest safety standards in private aviation,” said NetJets Global Chief Operating Officer Bill Noe. “We have further enhanced that commitment with the Tempus device to provide a virtual 24/7/365 doctor for our passengers and crewmembers, particularly when they may not be within close range of a suitable medical emergency landing site.”

Noe added, “This is yet another example of our decades of demonstrated commitment to providing unmatched safety and security for our customers, who expect and deserve no less from us. We are adding this life saving device globally on all of our new long range aircraft. When it comes to safety, NetJets never compromises.”

“This kind of control over a medical emergency is paramount when you may only have minutes to act,” said Graham Murphy, RDT CEO. “This exciting technology allows doctors to see exactly what is happening with the patient on the aircraft and help the crew deal with a possible emergency swiftly and based on medical fact.”

Tempus IC is the only vital signs telemedicine-enabled system 510k cleared to market for use by lay people, even enabling a non-medical person to collect and transmit a diagnostic 12 lead electrocardiogram to the MedAire medical support service specially set up and designed for this type of remote medical support.

NetJets safety standards meet, and in most cases exceed, FAA regulatory requirements. From NetJets’ FAA-type-rated pilots for every aircraft type, dual-release system, biannual simulator sessions, superior flight attendant training, FAA-approved in-house meteorologists, international flight planners to the state-of-the-art aircraft and FAA Diamond award winning maintenance program, NetJets is an industry leader in flight safety.  Additionally, NetJets is the first and only private aviation company to achieve level IV of the FAA’s Safety Management System Pilot Program.

NetJets Signature Series aircraft: NetJets recently introduced the NetJets Signature Series of aircraft, which are all-new aircraft that are presently entering the NetJets fleet. They are customized from design through production and include advanced cockpit and cabin technologies to ensure maximum safety, reliability and operating efficiency, as well as advanced in-flight entertainment systems and custom cabin designs. The NetJets Signature Series of aircraft, among others, include the Bombardier Global jet family and the Challenger 350 and Challenger 605 Series jets.


About NetJets

NetJets Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company, is the worldwide leader in private aviation with the largest and most diverse private jet fleet in the world. NetJets began in 1964 as the first aircraft charter and management company in the world. In 1986, NetJets pioneered the concept of fractional aircraft ownership – offering individuals and businesses all of the benefits of whole aircraft ownership and more, at a fraction of the cost. Today, NetJets offers a full range of private aviation solutions through its programs in North America and Europe, including NetJets Shares™, NetJets Leases™ and the Marquis Jet Card®, which provides access to NetJets though a 25-hour jet card.

The North America program is managed and operated by NetJets' subsidiary NetJets Aviation, Inc., and the European program is managed and operated by NetJets Transportes Aereos, SA, a Portuguese/EU Air Carrier. In the United States, NetJets offers aircraft management and charter services through its subsidiary, Executive Jet Management, Inc. In Europe, NetJets' aircraft management and charter services, called Executive Jet Management Europe, are operated by NetJets Transportes Aereos, SA.

Subject to obtaining relevant regulatory approvals, NetJets will also offer aircraft management and charter services in China through NetJets China Business Aviation Limited, a joint venture between NetJets and local investors.

The NetJets companies offer worldwide flight operations. More information on NetJets, NetJets Europe, the Marquis Jet Card, and Executive Jet Management is available at

Contact: Liz Wise, NetJets Inc., 614-849-7757,


About RDT

Founded in 1997 RDT is recognized as leaders in the design and manufacture of pre-hospital care vital signs monitors.

Specialist technologies include compact and highly integrated vital signs monitors for medical professional, intermittent and non-medically trained users that are widely used in aviation, maritime, exploration and austere military environments.

RDT’s robust communications technology enables the simultaneous transmission of medical data, voice and video from remote and otherwise isolated locations – such as in-flight and at sea - to land-based medical experts.

Operating for more than 14 years in remote medicine with a proven track record, RDT has established a reputation for reliability and excellent customer service while continuing to push boundaries with its state of the art engineering and design capabilities.

RDT’s impressive international customer base includes leading airlines (Virgin Atlantic, Etihad Emirates, V Australia), Fortune 500 companies, commercial shipping, luxury yachts and the military.

Contact: Kevin Kelly, Business Development Manager, The Americas,, 949-916-2131; Roz Thomas, Director Sales and Marketing,, +44 1256 693085