This Spring, Owners flying from Washington D.C. will have the opportunity to order from menus specially-curated by Michelin-starred chef, José Andrés. Named one of Time magazine's "100 Most Influential People" and awarded "Outstanding Chef" by the James Beard Foundation, José Andrés is celebrated internationally as a culinary innovator, author, television personality, humanitarian and creator of award-winning restaurants across six cities.

Only NetJets can delight taste buds at all altitudes. One way we will do it is by bringing the culinary genius and unique experience of José Andrés' restaurants on board your next flight. Because our mission, with every single flight, is to deliver extraordinary, one-of-a-kind experiences—on the ground and in the sky.

Jose Andres for NetJets

Not Flying Out of D.C.?

We understand that dry air, low humidity, and cabin pressure simply make food taste different 30,000 feet above the ground. So we've partnered with premier aviation caterers around the world to curate specially-prepared, locally-sourced options. These customized Signature Selection menus are based on season and region, chefs' creativity, and most importantly, dishes that do well at elevation. And now our Owners can enjoy them from more than 230 airports worldwide.

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