Safety isn't just a priority for one group of NetJets associates. It is the single most important focus for each and every team member every day.

It may be surprising, but there is no regulatory requirement for designated safety departments in our segment of the industry. The fact that we have an 18-person safety department is just one example of the investments we make to ensure our flights, our facilities and our offices are as safe as possible so that we remain one of the safest and most comfortable ways to fly. NetJets is the only fractional aircraft provider to have achieved the highest level of FAA Safety Management System program. We also employ more than 3,000 FAA type-rated pilots, allowing for fluid rotation of crew for multiple training sessions per year.



  • We welcome Owner third-party safety audits.
  • We employ a team of meteorologists to avoid both the worst of bad weather and turbulence for sensitive flyers.
  • We leverage scheduling software that prevents pilots from flying fatigued.
  • We monitor security conditions worldwide to understand how and where we can safely operate.
  • Our pilots go through rigorous simulator training every six months (versus some organizations that only require this intensive training every 12 months).
  • We spend more than $80M on pilot training annually.
  • Pilots fly a single aircraft type for superior focus and in-depth knowledge (versus other organizations where pilots are qualified on multiple aircraft). This consistency prevents confusion and increases safety.
  • We re-invest in safety programs and training every year.

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