Programs at a glance

Whatever your travel needs, NetJets will work with you to create a tailored solution to meet them. Our programs suit a range of private jet prices, travel habits, and aircraft preferences, whether you own a NetJets Share, have a NetJets Lease, or buy a Marquis Jet Card. What’s more, every one of our programs offers a private jet cost much lower than outright aircraft ownership and gives you the added benefits of our management and travel services. Consult the table below for a side-by-side comparison of our programs, or get in touch to discuss an option that will best suit your needs.

Compare by: NetJets Share NetJets Lease Marquis Jet Card
Ideal for 50+ HRS PER Year 50+ hrs per year 25-50 hrs per year
Key distinction Own An Asset No acquisition fee Pay as you go
Min. commitment 36 Months 24-60 months 25 hrs over 12-36 months
Aircraft types 13 Types(Light, Midsize, Large) 13 types(Light, Midsize, Large) 10 TYPES(Light, Midsize, Large)
Aircraft exchange Downgrades guaranteedUpgrades subject to availability Downgrades guaranteedUpgrades subject to availability DOWNGRADES GUARANTEED(Except on peak period days)
Upgrades subject to availability
Notice time As little as 4-6 hoursDepending on aircraft type As little as 4-6 hoursDepending on aircraft type As little as 10 HOURS
Peak period days* 10 days 10 days 30 DAYS
  * Peak period days are days surrounding holidays and special events when the anticipated demand for aircraft is particularly high. For flights on these days, we may move your departure time by up to three hours in either direction.


Our experts can tell you more about the advantages of becoming a NetJets Owner, and discuss the programs or services that best meet your travel needs.

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