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NetJets Service Representatives

Our exceptional team of on-site problem solvers

NetJets Service Representatives (NSR) are a team of nine highly experienced individuals who work at several strategic airports around Europe to provide our Owners with exceptional service and support.

With a deep knowledge of their airports and clients, they are experts at handling challenges, anticipating problems, and proactively solving them. Using their excellent communication skills, extraordinary flexibility and resilience, they work on the ground to manage operational complexities and ensure every single Owner has the very best travel experience.
April 2019

What our NSRs do

Every day is different for our NSR team, as they handle shifting circumstances and requests.
Owner liaison and support

Our team are at several locations to meet inbound and outbound passenger flying with NetJets. As an immediate, personal point of contact, they work to bridge the gap between Lisbon and our airports.

They are on-hand to handle any last-minute requests and go above and beyond to provide anything our Owners desire, personalising each travel experience to suit the individual. They are invaluable in handling any last-minute issues, gaining the trust and confidence of our Owners simply by providing such meticulous service.
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The best thing about the NSR team is the diversity and difference in characters. There is a team member that can help with every scenario. Every NSR is very approachable and also available to help. The sense of team within our group is amazing and it makes the job really enjoyable.
Aimee Cannon (NSR; Luton)Quote Closed
On-site management and problem solving

NSRs are key in supporting NetJets Operations and Crew Members and forging partnerships with area vendors to ensure high-quality service extends through the airport and FBO.

Using efficient communication, organisation and planning, they help anticipate risk and orchestrate the best possible experience for our Owners. NSRs are on site to help Owners navigate potential issues that can arise such as saturated parking, ground congestion, weather disruptions and more.

Each airport presents its own unique set of challenges and way of working and our Representatives are masters in problem-solving.
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My biggest challenge is to always be alert, proactive and aware of many different things at once: Communication, logistics, weather, VIP movements, cabotage flights, de-icing, and more. The final goal is to satisfy Owners, to ensure a smooth and personal experience and to personalize the service.
Julia Savchenko (NSR, Moscow)Quote Closed
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My biggest day to day challenge is making sure Owners are confident they have made the right choice using NetJets to travel. I want to make sure their experience is as smooth and ideal as they were expecting.
Sébastien Dupré (NSR, Paris)Quote Closed