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NetJets in the UK

The UK is one of the most popular destinations in Europe.

With buzzing, metropolitan cities, outstanding natural beauty, and a thriving economy, millions of business and pleasure seekers travel to and from this small island yearly. One of the European continent’s biggest business hubs, innumerable companies and entrepreneurs are based here, with their owners and CEOs frequently travelling in and out of the country.

It’s no surprise then that the United Kingdom is one of NetJets biggest markets in Europe, with a large percentage of our Owners using London and other UK cities as their home base. In 2019 alone, NetJets flew a total of 9,697 fights departing to and from the nation. We are by far the largest operator in the UK, flying 2.5x hours more than our main competitors.

Where in the UK does NetJets fly?

The top departure and arrival cities in the UK were:
1. London
2. Oxford
3. Manchester
4. Jersey
London is the busiest city we operate in, with 60 percent of the total volume of traffic from the UK departing from a London-based airport.

While NetJets flies to multiple airports across London, the most popular private aviation airports include Farnborough, Northolt, Luton and City and Biggin Hill.

The best travel experience

Our UK-based NSRs

NetJets Service Representatives (NSR) are a team of experienced individuals based at several strategic airports to provide our Owners with exceptional service and support.

In the United Kingdom, we have three NSRs permanently based at Farnborough, London City and Luton airports. They are on-hand to help Owners navigate any potential issues that might arise, such as saturated parking, ground congestion, weather disruptions and more.

With a deep knowledge of their airports and clients, they are experts at handling challenges, anticipating problems, and proactively solving them; they work on the ground to manage operational complexities and ensure every single Owner has the very best travel experience.

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