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October 2019

Fly to Russia with NetJets

Exploring the world’s largest country
Russia is an immense and breath-taking nation where spectacular imperial palaces rub shoulders with Soviet-era monuments, where hip, cosmopolitan cities give way to icy Siberian tundra. While most visitors are drawn to the energy and enigma of Moscow, and the grandeur and history of St Petersburg, for those who dare to venture further afield, Russia’s vast and wild natural beauty cannot be overstated.

Discover the very best places to visit in Russia with NetJets. Start your trip off in luxury and fly directly into a wide range of airports across the country. With access to our world class fleet, you will be able to fly privately to your destination at a moment’s notice, as our dedicated team takes care of your needs and desires.

St Petersburg

Often referred to as the ‘Venice of North’ thanks to its many canals, palaces and piazzas, St Petersburg is imbued with a mystery and mysticism impossible to resist. Built by Italian architects, it has a distinctly European feeling.

A treasure trove of art and culture, the streets and building themselves are works of art. Admire the shining spire of the Admiralty, the menacing Petropavlovsky fortress, the glacial Winter Palace, the Mariinsky Theatre and so much. The best way to explore the city is via the canals where you will get the best views of sites such as the Yusupov Palace, the Church of the Saviour on the Spilled Blood, the Fabergé Museum and so much more.

While you will enjoy any of the city’s fantastic museums and galleries, the Hermitage, is a must visit. With its miles of corridor and thousands upon thousands of exhibits, this is a museum you could visit every day for a month without properly covering the ground.

There is no shortage of luxurious hotels in St Petersburg, including the Grand Hotel Europe, Hotel Astoria and Nevskij Palace Hotel.

Nearest NetJets airport: Pulkovo Airport


While Moscow may lack the dream-like charm of St Petersburg, it has its own unique draw, buzzing with culture and dynamism. Once considered gauche due to the extravagance of the immediate post-Communist period, it is now a more refined and elegant destinations, with world-class hotels, restaurants, bars and spas.

Here, East truly meets West as the Byzantine domes of Russian Orthodox churches sit beside Italian neo-classicist facades. Culture fiends won’t be disappointed as the city hosts some of the country's most renowned art and history collections, such as the Tretyakov Gallery.

While it often does not get the recognition it deserves, Moscow is also a delightful food destination. Regional cuisines from all over Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia are present in the capital, while a multitude of modern restaurants and cafes have all found a home in Moscow.

We recommend staying at the Four Seasons Hotel, The Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow, or The St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya.

Nearest NetJets airport: Vnukovo Airport


The ‘Third Capital of Russia’, the city of Kazan is over a thousand years old. As the capital city of the Republic of Tatarstan, it is a glorious city that represents the balance between the Russian Orthodox and Muslim cultures. Here, churches and cathedrals neighbour mosques, and the city is full of complex palaces, towering churches and a thriving cultural scene.

Visitors can enjoy long walks down the streets of the city, vising historic sites such as the Kazan Kremlin and the magnificent Kul Sharif Mosque, the largest Muslim place of worship in Europe.

Nearest NetJets airport: Kazan Airport


Karelia, a republic in north-west Russia, is known as one the country’s most gorgeous places with boundless forests, crystal-clear lakes and cascading waterfalls.

Bordered by Finland to the west and the White Sea to the east, Karelia offers untouched nature, outdoor adventure and new lands to discover. Incredibly remote, it is the ideal destination for nature lovers looking to escape from the madness and immerse themselves in untouched wilderness and diverse wildlife. Visit two of Europe’s two largest lakes – Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega – and try a whole host of outdoor activities including diving, boating and hiking.

Nearest NetJets airport: Pulkovo Airport

Lake Baikal

This vast ‘Siberian sea’ is the deepest lake in the world and one of the most unique destinations in Russia. Whether you visit in summer to enjoy swimming in deep blue waters set against a stunning mountain backdrop, or the winter to experience dog sledding across its frozen waters, Lake Baikal is an incredible Siberian destination.

Nearest NetJets airport: Irkutsk Airport

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