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October 2019

How Leasing a Private Jet offers Flexibility

At NetJets, we understand that every individual’s needs are different.
That is why we are committed to providing our clients with a variety of different private jet programmes to best suit your lifestyle and travel needs.

If clients are flying fewer than 50 hours a year by private jet, we recommend investing in a NetJets Private Jet Card. For those travelling more frequently or for longer hours, who are looking to own a share in an asset, Shared Ownership may be the right choice.

The NetJets Lease caters to personal or business jet travellers who travel over 50 hours per year who require a different payment structure to owning a share.

How does the NetJets Lease work?

Leasing is another NetJets programme option for personal or business jet travellers who fly 50 or more hours per year. The NetJets Lease offers similar benefits to Shared Ownership, with a different payment structure for those who do not want an initial capital outlay. Your costs are guaranteed and predictable for the term of your private jet lease, which can be 36 to 60 months. A NetJets Lease starts at 50 hours of annual flying time and may be increased in 25-hour increments.

What are the benefits of the NetJets Lease?

Flexibility of choosing an aircraft
Choose a jet from the largest, most diverse fleet in the world with a variety of aircraft types across four cabin classes, all luxuriously outfitted to the highest standards. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing an aircraft to suit each individual flight and experience the different aircraft in our fleet.
Guaranteed access
Enjoy guaranteed access with as little as 10 hours’ notice (depending on the share size and aircraft type) to approximately 750 aircraft in our worldwide fleet.
Only 48 hours’ notice
As an Owner in the NetJets Lease programme, your Peak Period Days will not exceed 10 days a year. Travel on those high-traffic days is still guaranteed with as little as 48 hours’ notice.

No ferry fees
You will never be charged ferry fees when flying within the POA or when flying between the POA and locations in the ferry waiver zone (which include many of the most popular international destinations) for the specific aircraft type.
No acquisition fees
There is no acquisition fee required.
To find out more about the NetJets Lease, contact our Sales Team today.

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