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Cross-Country Jet Card

Presenting a savvy way to fly cross-country—and regionally—with NetJets

If you fly coast to coast, the NetJets Cross-Country Jet Card is the smartest travel solution for you. Enjoy guaranteed access to a mission-capable aircraft for your cross-country travel. And for closer destinations, enjoy the flexibility of flying on the ultrapopular Citation Excel.

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Details & Benefits

  • Travel on a super-midsize aircraft on all 3.5-hour flights departing from and/or arriving at the NetJets Collective Service Area.

  • Travel on the Cessna Citation Excel for shorter, regional flights.

  • Maintain control over your schedule by having guaranteed aircraft availability at your requested departure time with as little as 10 hours’ notice, 335 days a year, and 120 hours’ notice for the 30 Peak Period Days.

  • Depart from the airport of your choice with no additional fee.

Featured Aircraft:

Challenger 350

A Popular cross-country aircraft

The Bombardier Challenger 350 is a great aircraft for coast-to-coast travel. This super-midsize private jet will ensure your comfort and provide outstanding performance on cross-country trips.

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Citation Excel

Best-Selling Regional Jet

For destinations closer to home, enjoy the flexibility of the Cessna Citation Excel. This light cabin aircraft is among our best-selling private jets of all time. Learn why so many NetJets Owners fly the Citation Excel.

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The 3.5-hour minimum applies to all cross-country flights and includes taxi time. Regional flights on the Citation Excel are subject to a minimum flight-segment duration of one (1) hour. All regional flights on the Citation Excel will be billed at a 0.91 exchange rate. Flights to Hawaii must be flown from one of four gateway airports in California for mission-capable aircraft guarantee: Los Angeles International (LAX), Oakland International (OAK), San Jose International (SJC), or Van Nuys (VNY). ALL flights flown on super-midsize aircraft between the Collective Service Area and an international location will incur a 25% premium on Peak Period Days. Card Owner pays Citation X fuel rate for cross-country flights. Additional terms, conditions, and restrictions apply, and the NetJets Cross-Country Card is subject to definitive agreements signed by NetJets and the Card Owner. The card purchase price and other fees billed will be subject to applicable taxes, including federal excise tax.

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