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October 2019

Life-saving connections gifted by Owners

Patients with cancer have access to private travel
Thanks to your generosity, NetJets Owners are helping patients with cancer minimize their risk of infection and giving them an added dose of dignity.

NetJets, with your donation of flight hours, has transported hundreds of people in need of critical care through a partnership with Corporate Angel Network.

Nicole, who recently boarded a NetJets flight bound for treatment, was diagnosed with advanced stage 4 metastatic colorectal cancer when she was 22 years old. Access to a private jet has been immeasurable for her compromised immune system.
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“It gave me a lot of security knowing I wasn't getting into possibly an infectious environment. I have a pump in place for treatment which can cause a hassle at times going through security [and can] be a little bit humiliating.”
Nicole, a recipient of donated flight hoursQuote Closed

Expanding Opportunities with CAN

More patients like Nicole will be able to fly with NetJets for medical procedures with our expanded commitment. Starting this year, we are matching Owner flight-hour donations up to 50 hours annually. We are also giving CAN access to repositioning flights, which would ordinarily fly empty.

“Making a difference in the lives of patients with cancer by providing an exceptional travel experience is one small way we can make difficult days a little brighter,” said Diana Oreck, NetJets’ Vice President of Service + Philanthropy.

Learn more about our alliance with CAN and the 2019 Corporate Angel Award we received for the philanthropic effort.
NetJets will match up to 50 gifted hours on behalf of CAN. Please click the link below for more details or to contribute.

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