A true game changer in its class, the Citation Latitude features the largest cabin cross-section offered in the NetJets midsize category.

By Owners, for Owners

As one of our finest jets, the Citation Latitude boasts a number of unique features and custom enhancements to meet the needs of NetJets Owners.

With considerable range and outstanding runway performance, the Citation Latitude takes you wherever you need to be. Choose a departure point to see how you can shave hours off of any journey.

Cessna Citation Latitude
Cessna Citation Latitude Cessna Citation Latitude Inside

Cessna Citation Latitude


  • Interior seating length 17.25 ft

  • Overall cabin length 21.75 ft

  • Cabin height 6 ft

  • Cabin width 6.4 ft

  • Baggage volume 100 ft3

  • Passenger capacity 8


  • Range in distance 3068 sm

  • Range in hours 7

  • Speed 495 mph

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