An incomparable super-midsize jet, the new Challenger 350 is built for optimal performance and superior comfort.

By Owners, for Owners

As part of the new Signature Series™, the Challenger 350 boasts a number of unique features and custom enhancements to meet the needs of NetJets Owners.

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Flying near or far is a breeze with the Challenger 350. Choose a departure point to see how this super-mid jet can shave hours off of any trip.

Bombardier Challenger 350
Bombardier Challenger 350 Bombardier Challenger 350 Inside

Bombardier Challenger 350


  • Interior seating length 20.5 ft

  • Overall cabin length 27 ft

  • Cabin height 6.08 ft

  • Cabin width 7.17 ft

  • Baggage volume 106 ft3

  • Passenger capacity 10


  • Range in distance 3780 sm

  • Range in hours 7.2

  • Speed 540 mph

More than Luxury

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