The Marquis Jet Card® gives you guaranteed access to the NetJets fleet in 25-hour increments. Simply prepay for 25 hours of flight time on the private jet of your choice1, then renew or walk away when your hours are up. There’s no long-term commitment

The Marquis Jet Card® is ideal for anyone who flies under 50 hours per year, prefers a short-term commitment, or simply wants to experience what NetJets is all about.

Marquis Jet Card Options

25-hour Jet Card
Purchase a 25-hour Marquis Jet Card® in the jet of your choice.  Hours are accessible for 18 months.7

Combo Card
This option allows you to split the time of a 25-hour Marquis Jet Card® between any two aircraft types of your choice, 12.5 hours for each.2 This is perfect for anyone looking at both corporate and personal travel accessibility.

Note: Products and offers may not be combined

50-hour Jet Card
Purchase a 50-hour Marquis Jet Card® in the aircraft of your choice. Hours are accessible for 24 months.

X-Country Card - Travel Coast to Coast
Saves you over 20% on our standard 25-hour Citation X Marquis Jet Card. This program is for flights on the Citation X between five West Coast states or the Canadian city of Vancouver and 16 East Coast states, the District of Columbia, or 14 East Coast Canadian cities, plus four California gateway airports and Hawaii.3

NetJets Differences

What sets NetJets apart? Everything.

Highest flight safety standards

Highest flight safety standards

The safety of our Owners and their guests is paramount and the foundation for everything we do. In fact, NetJets sets the standard for the industry. For instance, most recently in March, 2013 NetJets announced obtaining Level IV of the FAA's safety management system (SMS) pilot program. NetJets is the first and only fractional private jet operator and fixed wing Part 135 operator to achieve this level of flight safety certification. NetJets also has the most stringent maintenance and operational procedures. We perform exhaustive security checks before every flight. And, we buy only the best aircraft equipped with the most advanced safety equipment.

Unmatched Industry Experience

Unmatched Industry Experience

NetJets manages over 300,000 flights annually to more than 170 countries. Not only did we invent the fractional private jet ownership industry, but also we’ve flown significantly more hours than all other private aviation companies combined.

A Berkshire Hathaway company

A Berkshire Hathaway company

NetJets is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. This financial backing allows us to spend whatever it takes to offer you the safest, most secure private aviation service and provides you with additional confidence in the security of your investment.

Take an in-depth look at these and other NetJets differences

Why NetJets

Save Time Flying on Your Own Schedule

As a Marquis Jet Card® Owner, you can go where you want, when you want. Schedule a flight from Chicago to Sun Valley when you're looking for fun in the snow, or take a private jet to St. Thomas when you decide you need fun in the sun. Get from New York to Scottsdale fast when you want to hit the greens. Or take a private plane to Vegas and bet on black. The Marquis Jet Card gives you a whole country of opportunity for business or leisure. And wherever you're going, NetJets will get you there quickly, easily, and on your terms. Every time.6

Plan a real journey and see how easy life is with NetJets

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Fleet Overview

The Marquis Jet Card® gives you guaranteed access to the largest, most diverse private jet fleet. Whether it's a business trip or personal travel, we have the right jet for you.

Featured Jet

Cessna Citation Encore+/Encore
Cessna Citation Encore+/Encore

The perfect combination of range, speed, and comfort in a light cabin jet, this jet offers midsize range and modern flight technology.

The safest and finest fleet in the industry

Fleet overview

Travel on your own terms

• Enjoy guaranteed aircraft availability with as little as ten hours’ notice5

• Fly on your schedule

• Depart from the airport closest to you and arrive at the airport nearest your destination

The Fine Print

Essential details you should know.

1 Additional fees

Additional fees and charges are assessed for each flight segment and include, but are not limited to, fuel surcharge, international fees (as applicable), and ground transportation, if requested.

2 Marquis Jet Combo Card®

If a Combo Card involves a combination of a large cabin aircraft with a light or midsize cabin aircraft, use of the large cabin hours may be subject to certain restrictions on the designated Peak Period Days (see below).

3 Marquis Jet X-Country Card™

Each flight flown on the Card is subject to a minimum flight segment duration of 3.5 hours. Upgrades and downgrades requests are not permitted.

4 Flying within Europe

Owners can fly to Europe via NetJets or commercial airline, then request the use of a NetJets Europe aircraft for flights throughout the European continent. When exchanging to aircraft in the NetJets Europe program, flight hours are based on predetermined inter-program exchange rates (adjusted monthly based on the currency exchange rate) between the NetJets U.S. aircraft type for which an Owner has a Marquis Jet Card® and the NetJets Europe aircraft type requested. Given the higher cost of operating in Europe, the inter-program rates for exchanging to a NetJets Europe aircraft are higher than those for comparable aircraft exchange within the NetJets U.S. program.

5 Peak periods

More notice is required on the designated Peak Period Days – days that typically surround holidays and special events when the anticipated demand for NetJets aircraft is particularly high. Marquis Jet Card® Owners have no more than 30 Peak Period Days per year which require 120 hours advance booking notice. 

The 25-hour and 50-hour Marquis Jet Cards have aircraft availability 365 days during the first year of the term.  A 25-hour card has no Peak Period Day access during months 13 through 18. A 50-hour Marquis Jet Card® has no guaranteed Peak Period Day access during the second year of the term and for flights on these days, additional restrictions apply.

All Cards have additional restrictions on operations on Peak Period Days.

6 Save time by flying private

Flight times are estimates based on four passengers flying at high speed cruise and include 0.2 hours for taxi time. Actual flight times may vary depending on aircraft type, passenger load, cruise speed, routing, weather conditions, and passenger load. The NetJets recommended arrival time of 15 minutes prior to departure is also included in the flight time estimates. 

Commercial flight times are estimated based upon scheduled commercial airline service and include flight time, stopovers where applicable, FAA-requested arrival time of 90 minutes prior to departure when checking baggage, and 30 minutes post flight for baggage claim. Commercial flight times are based on the average flight time and available routes and schedules posted on 

NetJets’ recommended arrival time for international trips is 30 minutes prior to departure, which is also included in the flight time estimate above.

7 Unused Hours

Any unused hours at the end of the Card term are available for use with the purchase of a new Card.


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