Every year, our Owner Services Teams in Columbus, Ohio and Lisbon, Portugal manage over 325,000 flights to more than 160 countries and 4,000 airports across the world. Given that we maintain the aircraft, hire the pilots, and attend to all the logistics, no matter where in the world you fly with NetJets, you can expect the same rigorous safety and service standards.

NetJets has more aircraft capable of international travel than all other private aviation companies combined.

International travel

NetJets Europe

NetJets Europe

Owners also have access to aircraft throughout Europe. As usual, a single call to your Owner Services Team and we'll arrange all trip-related details. Transatlantic travel has never been this comfortable and worry-free.

Ferry waiver program

Ferry waiver program

NetJets offers the most comprehensive ferry waiver program in the industry. Typically in private aviation, ferry fees are charged to position or reposition flights to more distant locales. If you’re in Mexico, for instance, but the private jet service you’re flying with doesn’t have any planes based in Mexico, they would charge to fly a plane to you. A significant benefit of the size and scale of NetJets fleet and global operations, is that NetJets Owners can fly internationally to many of the most popular private jet destinations ferry free.1

No matter where you are going, you will save time with NetJets.

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1 Ferry waiver program

Owners of a NetJets Share, NetJets Lease, and Marquis Jet Card can fly ferry free between the Collective Service Area (includes the continental United States and select cities in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec) and the specific ferry waiver zone for the aircraft type owned. Aircraft in the NetJets U.S. fleet are categorized into five groups which are based on aircraft type and range, with zones expanding to correspond to the range of the aircraft in the group. Ferry Waiver program not available for Marquis Jet Card customers on peak period days or on flights before 9am on day after peak period days.


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