What this means for you

This means we can have an aircraft ready and waiting for you just about anytime, anywhere, with as little as four to 10 hours’ notice depending on the aircraft type. And, in the unlikely event that the aircraft we dispatch to you requires unscheduled maintenance, the size of our fleet means we have the unmatched ability to provide you with another aircraft – sometimes in only a matter of minutes, but clearly in the shortest time in the industry.

NetJets has a worldwide fleet of approximately 7001 aircraft, by far the largest private jet fleet in the world.

Why NetJets?

A younger fleet

A younger fleet

The current average age of charter aircraft in the U.S. is over 15 years, more than double the average age of the NetJets fleet. Since 2013, NetJets has been receiving delivery of hundreds of new NetJets aircraft. The deliveries span every cabin class and will enable NetJets to have the youngest fleet in the sky.

A diverse fleet

A diverse fleet

NetJets offers a variety of aircraft types across four cabin classes: light, midsize, super-mid, and large cabin. Because we are not affiliated with any one manufacturer, we have the freedom to choose the best, most desirable aircraft types in every class. The aircraft types in the NetJets U.S. fleet accommodate between 7 and 14 passengers, and have flight range capabilities up to 7,400 miles2. Whichever program and aircraft type you choose, you have access to the entire NetJets fleet. If you prefer to fly another aircraft type for any trip, you can.3

1 Total Aircraft

Total number of aircraft includes aircraft under management by Executive Jet Management.

2 Range

Range is measured in statute miles.

3 Downgrades

Downgrade requests to lighter cabin aircraft are guaranteed and upgrade requests are subject to availability.

From short hops to globetrotting expeditions, NetJets has the perfect jet for every journey.

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