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At NetJets, we are committed to providing our clients with a variety of different options when it comes to private jet travel. We understand that every individual’s needs are different and we strive to be as flexible and adaptable as possible.

This is why on top of our leasing and Shared Ownership programmes, we offer the option of a Private Jet Card. Perfect for those who travel less than 50 hours a year or who want to try out the luxury and convenience of private jet travel, with the NetJets Private Jet Card you have access to the entire NetJets fleet at the drop of a hat.

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How does the NetJets Private Jet Card work?

With a NetJets Card you make a single upfront payment for flight time on a specific cabin type of your choice. After purchasing a block of up to 25 flight hours at a time to be used in a cabin type operated by NetJets, your hours are deducted from the Card as you fly; you can then top your Card up at a later date.

NetJets makes the pricing as simple and convenient as possible, that’s why the upfront payment is inclusive of flight hours, fuel, Emission Trading Scheme charges, catering and country-specific private aviation charges.

This option is perfectly designed for those who want to enjoy the ease and expediency of NetJets but who fly fewer than 50 hours per year.
Experience the best of both worlds with full access to our premium service, and no requirement for long-term commitment and no excess costs.

NetJets Private Jet Card

What are the benefits?

There are a multitude of benefits in choosing the NetJets Private Jet Card option. If clients are flying fewer than 50 hours a year by private jet, we recommend investing in a Jet Card. For those travelling more frequently or for longer hours, Shared Ownership starting from 50 hours a year is the better options.

A few of the benefits of the Private Jet Card:

No hidden costs
With our Private Jet Card, there are no hidden costs – you pay exactly for what you get. For example, there are no aircraft acquisition or lease costs and you incur zero costs for the asset purchase or lease. NetJets also does not charge any positioning costs for your requested flights. This means you only pay for your flight, nothing more.
Choose the cabin size that best fits your needs
By selecting the cabin size that best fits your travel needs, card holders are able to fly with a number of different aircraft types.
Incredible service and support
With a NetJets card you receive the full range of NetJets services and guaranteed support. With 24-hour access to a dedicated team of account managers in our Owner Services team, we are on hand to meet your needs, offering first-class service at all times and in 20 different languages.
No long-term commitment
We understand that those flying fewer hours are not interested in making a long-term financial commitment. Hence our Card programme only runs for a one-year period. Payment is upfront and a one-off, and once the hours on your card are finished or the card term expires, you have no further obligations.

We also offer a six-month grace period after the card expiration date in case you have any hours left that you haven’t had the opportunity to use yet.
Eligible to fly with NetJets in the US
Through our inter-company programme with our sister company, Card holders are also able to access the whole network and fleet of NetJets US in North America.
Minimum Advance Notice
For NetJets Card owners the minimum standard advance notice on non-peak periods is just 24 hours.



Compare our other programmes and find the one that fits your lifestyle and travel needs. No matter the option, all our Owners enjoy the unmatched service, convenience, and reliability that have made NetJets the worldwide leader in private aviation.
Fly more than 50 hours annually?
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Fly more than 50 hours annually?
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