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Private Jet Membership Comparison

Discover the difference between jet membership providers

Private jet membership is an aviation business model in which consumers pay a fee to unlock access to private aviation services. 

NetJets is the ultimate private jet membership. We specialise in fractional jet ownership, private jet leases, and jet card programmes. And with this elite membership, Owners gain access to the largest, most diverse fleet of private jets in the world. These luxury private jets are owned and operated by NetJets, which assures a consistent, reliable, and exceptional travel experience. 

Jet Membership Options

There are several membership options available in the marketplace. Sometimes, private jet membership providers facilitate flights from third-party operators. This removes liability—and ultimately, accountability—from the membership provider, as they are simply acting as a middleman. Other times, membership providers own a small fleet of branded aircraft, and when those aircraft are unavailable, they look to the charter market to secure flights. 

These jet membership providers offer a seemingly low upfront cost but usually layer on additional charges. They are also heavily dependent on having many owners, which makes availability a common issue. And, in addition, makes it more likely for their members to fly on a comparatively older aircraft.

Take a Moment to Compare

Private Jet Memberships

NetJets differs from other private jet membership providers in significant ways. As you consider your options, it may help if you ask yourself: What’s most important to me, my family, and my business?

Other Jet Memberships


Other Jet Memberships
- Individuals/businesses who can be flexible with flight itineraries and are comfortable with an inconsistent travel experience
- Individuals/businesses that need to fly on short notice or during peak demand periods, and for whom reliable and consistent service is imperative
Other Jet Memberships
- Reliant on the membership provider to select a safe charter operator
- Typically utilise more than one operator, so safety standards and ratings can vary per flight
- Industry-leading investment in safety that far exceeds EASA requirements
- Dedicated team of in-house safety, security, and maintenance experts
Other Jet Memberships
- Inconsistent standards, as multiple providers may be involved in hiring and training pilots
- Most experienced pilots: Our pilots average 7 times the industry standard in flight hours
- Industry-leading, customised training programme that leverages state-of-the-art flight simulators
Availability and Experience
Other Jet Memberships
- Membership volume causes diminished access during peak period days
- Overall, inconsistent flight experience in terms of quality of crew and aircraft
- Backup aircraft and crews not guaranteed in the event of a maintenance issue
- Guaranteed access  to the largest, most diverse fleet of private jets in the world in as little as a few hours’ notice
- Majority of our aircraft are less than five years old
- Guaranteed trip recovery during maintenance
International Travel
Other Jet Memberships
- May need to use different providers to arrange international flights
- Global operations offer easy exchange between U.S. and European programmes
Private Jet Membership Cost
Other Jet Memberships
- Initiation fee and annual dues 
- Costs may vary on a flight-by-flight basis predicated on available aircraft type and flight itinerary
- Additional costs include, but are not limited to, positioning fees, daily minimums, wait time, hangar and airport fees, pilot overnights, Wi-Fi, and catering
- Costs are predictable 
- No hidden fees 
- No repositioning/ferry fees*
* If your flight arrival and departure is in a NetJets Primary Operational Area (POA) or designated ferry waiver zone, you’ll never be charged a ferry fee. Learn more >  

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