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Our Private Jet Programs

Transform your sense of what’s possible and open up a world of travel

Three options. Infinite possibilities.
Choose from three ways to fly with us: NetJets Shared Private Jet Ownership, NetJets Private Jet Lease Program and Private Jet Card Program. Then enjoy the unmatched luxury, convenience, and security that have made NetJets the worldwide leader in private aviation.


Fractional Ownership

Own part of the NetJets fleet.

Instead of owning a single jet, you have guaranteed access to the largest private air fleet in the world. Instead of paying for every second your private jet is parked on the tarmac, you are able to precisely control what you spend on flying.
Fractional jet ownership is simply a smart approach to private aviation. It lets you enjoy all the benefits of owning a private jet, while only paying for the hours you fly. You enjoy guaranteed access to your aircraft type or larger, anywhere in the world, at just 10 hours’ notice. Select among our private fleet, compare our aircraft models and fly in the jet that’s right for you.


Jet card

Access the NetJets fleet in smaller increments.

The Private Jet Card is ideal for those who want the benefits of NetJets but fly fewer than 50 hours per year.
With the Private Jet Card, you have access to the NetJets aircraft for 25 hours at a time with no long-term commitment — simply prepay for flight time on the specific aircraft type of your choice. It’s an option for those who prefer a short-term commitment or simply want to experience the service and convenience of a NetJets flight.



Leasing is another NetJets program option for personal or business jet travelers who fly 50 or more hours per year. The NetJets Lease offers similar benefits to a NetJets Share, with a different payment structure for those who do not want an initial capital outlay. Your costs are guaranteed and predictable for the term of your private jet lease, which can be 36 to 60 months.

Not sure which is right?

Quickly compare our three programs.

3 Options. Endless Potential.

NetJets Programs

Own a part of the NetJets fleet

This signature NetJets program is the most cost-effective private aviation solution for individuals or businesses that fly 50 or more hours per year and prefer the benefits of owning the asset.
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We’ll be happy to explain the benefits of each in greater detail.
Every flight is an

Unmatched experience

The luxury of reassurance

Safety, security and discretion are our highest priorities. NetJets flight operations combine minute-by-minute weather monitoring, expert piloting, and dual-release departure protocols that exceed industry standards.
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Every flight is personalised

Our aircraft are spotlessly clean, custom designed for comfort, and prepared with the food, drinks and amenities you specify. We know what you love and provide it each and every flight.
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Fly to virtually any airport

Whether you fly regionally or globally, NetJets will get you there. From the world’s busiest travel hubs to the shorter runways in the world’s most exclusive destinations.
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The world's largest private fleet

With a fleet of approximately 750 jets in four cabin classes, there is a NetJets aircraft that fits your needs and lifestyle. For business travel, personal destinations, or both.
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Explore the Possibilities

We have the right solution to fit your unique travel needs. Become a NetJets Owner today!
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