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May 2019

NetJets in Europe

Fast facts from 2018
2018 was yet another phenomenal year for NetJets. Here are some of the key facts and figures. 


  • We flew an average of 137 total flights in a day.
  • The total time spent in the air was 75,511 hours, or the equivalent of 8.6 straight years in the sky.
  • We travelled 25,454,098 nautical miles – the equivalent of circling the earth 1,176 times or 61.3 trips to the moon and back.
  • We carried out our longest flight on November 17th onboard the CS-DKK (G550) from Buenos Aires (SAEZ), Argentina to Farnborough (EGLF), United Kingdom. The flight was in the air for 12 hours and 50 minutes.


  • 48 of our lead passengers flew with us over 50 times or more over the course of the year.
  • We transported an average of 3.1 passengers per flight.
  • We flew 6,905 children.
  • We flew a total of 2,477 pets; on 115 flights, the number of pets was higher than the number of passengers.
  • We supplied 129,036 catering items requested.


  • The top three countries passengers departed from were the UK, France and Italy.
  • We flew to 776 different airports in 738 cities in 112 different countries.
  • 476 flights went to airports in Middle East, 28 to China, 13 to Maldives, 17 to South Africa and 13 to Japan.
  • The highest numbers of departures from one location over the course of a day was 44 flights (from London).


  • The busiest aircraft in terms of flights was a Phenom 300, CS-PHI, which completed 796 flights.
  • The busiest aircraft in terms of hours was a G550, CS-DKG, which completed 555 flights with a total of 1,279 flight hours over the course of the year.
  • The G-550 CS-DKG flew to the most countries, 61 over the course of the year.
  • The NetJets fleet was comprised of 83 aircraft at the end of the year, receiving five new Latitudes, one Challenger 350, two Phenom 300s, one Global 6000 and one Falcon 2000EX.

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