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How NetJets Ensures a Seamless Travel Experience

Eliminating the Stress of Flying

While we all know that commercial air travel can be a stressful experience, a recent survey by The International Air Transport Association has pinpointed exactly what improvements passengers want to make their journey more pleasurable. The survey reveals that most travellers simply want to get through the airport and complete their journey as swiftly as possible.

While technological advancements designed to automate and simplify a passenger’s journey through the airport are currently in development, NetJets is proud to have already successfully eliminated the pain-points identified in the survey. Every single step of the NetJets process is carefully designed and executed to guarantee a painless, stress free experience for our Owners and provide a pleasurable journey.

There are many examples of this:  

Minimal time spent moving through and waiting in the airport

While airport technology is one of the fastest developing aspects of the entire aviation industry, at the present time, passengers can still expect to spend hours moving through the airport. Long check-in, bag drop, and security queues often mean valuable time is wasted - even with priority status. The entire process is often exhausting and frustrating.

However, when travelling with NetJets, passengers can expect to move through the airport’s private jet terminal is as little as 10-minutes. Not only does this drastically reduce the time spent waiting fruitlessly, but it means you only have to arrive at the airport less than half an hour before your flight is scheduled.

We understand just how valuable your time is, which is why we aim to preserve as much of it as possible.

Access instant, real-time information about your journey

One of the grievances highlighted in the survey was the lack of information passengers are given in the lead-up to, as well as during, their flight. Lack of information ranks among the top ten customer complaints about airports, according to a study by McKinsey.

For instance, many travelers will have experienced the frustration of arriving at the airport only to discover a flight has been delayed or canceled. Passengers are often left in the dark about certain decisions effecting their flight, leaving them feeling out of control and at the mercy of the airline.

At NetJets, our experienced Owner Services Team communicate directly with our Owners to keep them fully informed of any decisions or updates. Owners are fully involved in making any key decision that will impact their journey. Together with the NetJets team (including the world-class pilots, the in-house Meteorology Team and more), your preferences will fully be take into account to offer a personalised solution.

Personal control over your travel experience

As highlighted above, one of the main contentions of commercial travel is the lack of control that passengers have. It is often unpredictable.

Private jet travel removes this unpredictability, placing control back in the hands of our Owners. Not only do you have the power to say when your flight will be, and which airport you’ll be flying to and from, but you can choose exactly how you would like your environment and experience to be. From ordering a bespoke, personalised menu, to throwing a party on board, we are able to personalise your flight to suit your unique needs and desires.

Complete connectivity

One of the annoyances of commercial travel is the lack of in-air connectivity. We know how important it is for our Owners to stay connected throughout their travels which is why we’re proud to offer on board Wi-Fi connectivity across the NetJets fleet and continue to invest in the very latest technology. You can find out more about Wi-Fi across the NetJets fleet here.
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