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There are many reasons to become a NetJets Owner; not only does it mean personalised travel at your beck and call, but becoming part of a very special members club.

We’ve partnered with a range of event organisers and leaders in different industries to give our members access to a number of varied, exciting and exclusive experiences all year round.  

Whether your scene is a secluded ski lodge with a snowy backdrop, or a buzzing festival on a sunset beach, you have access to it all as a member of the NetJets family.


Explore the world of NetJets Membership

Sporting Events

Whether you’re heading to the World Cup, the Summer Olympics or the Grand Prix, there is no more stylish way to travel than by private jet. Many of our Owners are sporting enthusiasts and we provide unique access to many celebrated events as well as hosting a handful of our own. Our special connection with the worlds of tennis and golf are certainly worth investigating. Whether you’re enjoying VIP treatment at the Laver Cup or having dinner with Roger Federer, sports enthusiasts have a particular reason to join the NetJets family and meet their heroes.


Festivals & Shows

One of our most popular destinations is the Cannes Film Festival. Celebrating the best in cinema for more than half a century, the Mediterranean city heaves with A-List talent during Europe’s most elegant week of the year. For Owners less interested in film, there are many other festivals dotted around the continent all year round, including the Monaco Yacht Show and the Grand Prix, so talk to your NetJets team and see which festivals are coming up.

Weekend Getaways

Don’t forget, it’s not always about glamour and prestigious company; becoming a member allows for last-minute getaways and quiet weekend breaks. Surprise your loved ones and hop on a flight to a French country manor or coastal villa on the Iberian Peninsula. We’ll take care of every detail, so you and your family can truly lay back and enjoy your time away together.


Winter Breaks & Ski Resorts

Winter getaways are a growing trend across Europe and it’s easy to see why - breaking up the gloomy midwinter monotony with a long weekend in a firelit log cabin sounds like heaven on Earth to us. We have a broad scattering of convenient landing locations across mainland Europe and beyond. In removing the stress of logistical planning and commercial international travel, you have more time to enjoy the slopes and surrounding majesty.

Only Netjets

Sponsored Events

Tailored Exclusives

We offer tailored experiences on solid ground as well as at 40,000 feet. We sponsor events ranging from the high-class Snow Polo in St. Moritz, to the esteemed Art Basel, and NetJets members have a never-ending series of events all year round. These include private sessions with leaders from the worlds of business, entertainment and sport. Over our many years in the industry, we’ve forged unique partnerships with a number of like-minded brands, enabling us to put on an array of offerings you will not find elsewhere.

Our personalised service may be famous worldwide, but we pride ourselves on being much more than a glamourous means to get from A to B.