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June 2020

NetJets' Ferry Waiver Zones expand

A host of new destinations make our simple ferry-charge policy even simpler.
From shared ownership to guaranteed aircraft availability, simplicity is at the heart of NetJets. In fact, it is a significant factor in our status as the world's leading business aviation company.

Our policy on ferry charges is no exception. While other private aviators charge complicated "repositioning" fees to get aircraft to their clients, NetJets clients rarely – if ever – have to pay ferry charges thanks to the unrivalled scale of our global operations and state-of-the-art fleet.

In 2020, NetJets' Ferry Waiver Zones have become simpler and more expansive than ever before. Let's take a moment to review the new additions and get reacquainted with NetJets' unique ferry charge policy.

Significant additions for Owners

We cover the length and breadth of Europe and parts of the Middle East, our Primary Operational Area (POA) NetJets' aircraft are always so close that there are never any ferry charges within the POA – and we guarantee availability in as little as 10 hours for share Owners and 24 hours for card Owners.

But we appreciate that many NetJets Owners often travel further afield. So, in addition to the POA, NetJets offers vast Ferry Waiver Zones that extend our reach even further. Ferry charges are waived for flights between these destinations and the POA on predefined aircraft types.

To further simplify the policy, Ferry Waiver Zone have been reclassified as Ferry Waiver Zones 1 and 2, as well as Ferry Waiver Long Haul Zones 1 and 2. Zones are primarily distinguished by the type of aircraft that serve them. There are also new destinations and regions that qualify for no-ferry-fee travel, including Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh (both Egypt) in Ferry Waiver Zone 1, and Oman in Ferry Waiver Zone 2.

Ferry Waiver Long Haul Zone 2 – served exclusively by our Global 6000 jets – sees the largest expansion, with significant additions for Owners that regularly or occasionally travel long haul. New destinations exempt from ferry charges include:
Central America
South America
South Korea
Sri Lanka


Planning for every eventuality

NetJets' simple ferry-waiver policy is even simpler in practice. Owners enjoy access to the largest ferry-free area in all of private aviation, covering literally thousands of destinations – and rarely even have to consider the possibility of repositioning fees.

Even when Owners travel beyond the combined reach of the POA and Ferry Waiver Zones, we make ferry charges easy and competitive. Owners only pay to return the aircraft to the nearest international airport in the POA, not to the point of origin. Repositioning fees may even be waived via the Multi-Day Itinerary (MDI) prerogative, which can include extensive travel outside the POA and Ferry Waiver Zones based on a minimum average daily usage on the requested aircraft.

In tandem with NetJets' core values – safety, service, and access – our ferry waiver policy is absolutely unmatched in our industry. No other private aviation company has the scale, fleet, or operational expertise to make ferry charges all but disappear for clients.

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