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June 2019


Giorgio Suttora
The line training captain for the Phenom 300 fleet on flying, sailing and introducing new pilots to NetJets.
MY FIRST EXPOSURE TO FLYING WAS... as a kid  in Zaire (now the DR Congo), where my dad had a job at a refinery on the mouth of the Congo River. The remote location meant that the company always had a small plane and pilot available for us on site. It was a Piper Navajo and guess who was always flying with that pilot back and forth to Kinshasa?

THE BEST PART OF FLYING IS… flying! It is the ultimate challenge for me – to be able to master a machine that can take you where you weren’t meant to be, overcome your natural instinct and physical limits.
BEFORE JOINING THE NETJETS TEAM, I WAS… an airline pilot. After serving in the Italian Army I moved to the US, studying first, and then flying for a small charter outfit. I landed my first “proper” airline job in Italy at Air Dolomiti, and after a few years joined Alitalia, the national carrier. After this I moved to NetJets ... the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

THE ONE DAY AT NETJETS I WON’T FORGET WAS… the first day I arrived in Lisbon at the NetJets Europe operations headquarters for my initial company introduction course. The essential beauty and brightness of that building, the positive, optimistic and professional environment, the way I was treated and considered – all that made me feel on top of the world.

Quote OpenFlying  is the ultimate challenge for me – to be able to master a machine that can take you where you weren’t meant to be, overcome your natural instinct and physical limits. Quote Closed
ONE THING OWNERS PROBABLY WOULDN’T GUESS ABOUT ME IS…. that I have always been afraid of heights. If I look down off a high balcony or walk near the edge of a cliff, a shiver runs through my spine and I have to step back; but as soon as I am in a plane and look down, my subconscious mind tells me I am in control, like a bird, and it’s business as usual!

ON MY DAYS OFF… I am very busy! My beautiful family (my wife Martina, my daughter Nicole and my son Matteo) and my house do keep me very busy, to make up for the days I am away, but as an inherited passion – my dad was a ship captain – I take part in fast multihull sailing. With two other passionate sailors, both Austrian, I have started a small charter business where we train and rent these thrilling trimarans for people who want to explore the Croatian islands at speed.

 WITHIN THE NEXT YEAR I WOULD LIKE TO… enjoy my latest challenge at work: training newcomers to make sure the “NetJets way” gets carried across to the next generations.

MY BEST ADVICE FOR STAYING SANE ACROSS TIME ZONES IS… that when I fly to the States for training I try to stretch (or squeeze when coming back to Europe) my normal daily periods that set my biological clock (times between meals, hours of sleep etc) so I keep my body in sync with the new time zone, so, once there, I can eat, sleep and work when everybody else does. 

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