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December 2018

How jet lag is reduced when travelling by private jet

Ease jet lag with NetJets
Anyone who has travelled long haul across time zones will know how disruptive and frustrating jet lag is. Jet lag occurs when your internal body clock (or circadian rhythm) is disrupted and your body clock becomes out-of-sync with the environment. It can leave you feeling fatigued, anxious, nauseous and dizzy. Depending on which direction you have travelled, you may not be able to sleep when you want to or even feel extremely sleepy during the day.

For those who simply cannot afford to lose time or energy to experience jet lag, flying by private jet is the perfect choice. There are several aspects to private air travel that mean you arrive feeling adjusted and ready to seize the day. 


Complete flexibility with your schedule
The flexibility of flying by private jet means that you can choose exactly when you take-off and where from. The ability to schedule your flight times will help as you can plan your timings to minimise the impact of jet lag.


Personalised catering
There are two important dietary advantages to flying privately. Firstly, your on-board menu is personalised to best suit your lifestyle and preferences. Using only the finest, freshest ingredients and prepared by our excellent team of chefs, your meals are carefully curated and created to leave you feeling on top of your game. Specifically designed with your health and wellbeing in mind, they will provide you with all the nutrients you need to feel at your best after your flight and manage jet lag.

Secondly, with bespoke catering, you can consume food whenever you choose to, fitting meal times in with your arrival. Adjusting your meal times to suit your new time zone has been proven to help your body adjust and acclimatise before you even land.


The possibility of rest and relaxation
Whether or not you should sleep on your flight will depend on the timing and duration. If you are flying during the night time at your destination, sleeping on board will help you to transition effortlessly and give you the energy to make it through a full day once you land.

While sleeping onboard a commercial flight can be difficult, private planes are designed to ensure you have the space and comfort to sleep. Most jets will have an area that can be converted into comfortable sleeping space, so you can relax and rest.


Improved air circulation and a lower altitude
NetJets’ private jet cabins are pressurised to a lower altitude than commercial aircraft. This means that the effects of fatigue and dehydration are felt significantly less.

Some evidence suggests that the cabin environment (the cabin pressure, humidity levels, noise and amount of movement) have an impact on travel fatigue. On a private jet, the superior air circulation systems, adjustable cabin pressure, reduced noise and privacy, all mean that you enjoy a more relaxing and restful flight. This will contribute to reduced fatigue and jet lag symptoms.
Read more about how flying with NetJets brings you unrivalled levels of comfort and safety, and do get in touch to ask any further questions.