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In-Flight Productivity for Business Travel

How our jets are designed to be relaxing and productive working environments

We are frequently told by our Owners that one of the most noteworthy benefits of joining NetJets is being able to take more direct control of your time during travelling.

Wherever your destination, flying with NetJets will turn back the clock and save you hours.

We have many Owners who regularly travel for business and are now enthusiastic ambassadors for our brand for this very reason.

This is not only due to the efficiency of flying NetJets (significantly less waiting time and usually much more direct routes - among others) but also for the calming and productive in-flight environment.

Whether you need to read and make notes for an important conference, brainstorm with a few colleagues, or you just fancy resting your eyes on a short-haul flight so your fully rested at your arrival, our unmatched fleet will certainly have a model tailored to your needs.

We are dedicated to ensuring your time in flight time works for you, so let’s take a look at a few of the most important environmental and physical factors for increased productivity and see how you would manage in flight. 


Many of you will be familiar with the feeling of limping out of the office at the end of a long work day, aching up and down your back. Unfortunately, this is one of the primary negative effects of a sedentary job, such as office or computer work. Sitting at a desk all day is not what our bodies evolved to do and the long-term significance of poor posture is something overlooked by many.

Proactivity is hugely important but a study of British individuals with back pain found that 41% of people polled took absolutely no steps to relieve or prevent it, while 28% chose to treat it simply with over-the-counter medication.

Not only is planning ergonomics, such as desk height, screen placement and chair comfort/support essential, remembering to get up and take a stroll every hour is also vital for long-term freedom from discomfort.

All our planes seats top of the range and fully adjustable and even at capacity, you will find there’s enough room to get up and stroll around in between reports. In addition to this, talk to our renowned service representatives about any particular extras you may need. From a computer stand to a projector screen (for presentations); from a range of travel pillows to an in-flight masseuse - our priority is your productivity and comfort.


It is well documented that the design and layout of your workspace is very likely to have a dramatic effect on productivity. This is not only regarding the comfort and/or soothing nature of your interior design or the efficiency of your usage of space, but it’s also tied closely to the amount of clutter.

Clutter and mess both directly and indirectly affects work productivity by significantly influencing our cognition, emotions, behaviour and stress and anxiety levels.

All of our jets are spacious and open plan, with plenty of room in which to spread out, engage with other passengers (in an impromptu meeting, brainstorm or just for a quick break from the books) or set up your own personal work space with your laptop, connected to our top-of-the-range WiFi, and phone to become fully immersed before landing. Again, our NSRs can provide any implements or appliances to help you make the most of your in-flight space and get the best out of your flight time.

Natural light

The importance of natural light on your team’s productivity is something we all intuitively understand, but in recent years, much research has been completed in this area. It's a sad fact, but UK office workers spend alarmingly limited time outdoors each day. Research suggests that 40% spend a maximum time of just 15 minutes outside each day.

Getting natural light has immeasurable mental and physical health benefits, so aside from forcing your team members to spend a certain amount of time outside each day, the next best thing for productivity and office morale is to ensure the office is flooded with natural light.

Each of our jet models are fitted out with plenty of strategically placed windows, lighting up the table/desk space and keeping the primary passenger areas flooded with sunlight during daylight hours.


‘Tidy desk, tidy mind’ may be a casual and overused proverb, but research suggests it carries some truth. Tying back to the previous point regarding clutter, working in a clean and tidy environment is essential for increased productivity (although there is some evidence to suggest that it can stifle creativity). As well as providing more productive surroundings, having a clutter-free work area offers fewer distractions - allowing you to plough on unhindered.

Every one of jets are deep cleaned by professionals before setting off on its next journey. Even if you’re spending a weekend or less at your destination, our dedicated crew will ensure the cabin is spotless for your return journey, allowing you a stress-free in-flight office space.
Alongside our unmatched in-flight amenities and entertainment offerings and our award-winning safety team, we offer you the perfectly productive in-flight space - perfect for business travellers and those of you who regularly need to fly via corporate jet.

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