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November 2018

Making the most of your time in the sky

NetJets for business
When it comes to travelling for business, there is no better alternative to NetJets. We take care of everything down to the smallest detail, ensuring your journey is as smooth, seamless and secure as possible.

Travelling with NetJets has a multitude of incomparable benefits. From the moment you call to reserve your jet, an integrated network of aviation professionals comes to life, working together to manage your flight. With a dedicated account team available 24/7 and a commitment to working around your schedule, no matter how unpredictable it gets, we make it easy to manage. In addition to managing the complex logistics, we also take care of every detail of your on-board experience, so that you are perfectly primed to take care of your business - both on your flight, and once you’ve arrived at your destination.

At NetJets, you’re not a passenger, you’re an Owner. This means that your jet is your office, and every feature is specifically geared to meet your business needs.
Quote OpenWhether you require rest and relaxation in order to arrive feeling refreshed and on top of your game, or the right tools and environment to get work done, we have you covered.Quote Closed

A fully-equipped business space

Your work doesn’t have to stop simply because you’re in the air. Each aircraft in our fleet features an ultra-quiet cabin so that you are undisturbed and free to focus. Satellite Wi-Fi is available across the fleet; in fact, all our new aircraft have Wi-Fi that’s best-in-class within the business aircraft industry. You can stay connected and up to date throughout your journey, whether sending emails or browsing online.

Conduct your business with peace of mind, knowing that NetJets offers complete confidentiality when you travel. We understand CEOs and other high-level Executives often wish to avoid any unwanted attention when they travel, which is why we guarantee total privacy and the highest level of discretion from our staff.

A place to relax and prepare

Not only do our staff offer the highest standard of service available, but every detail of your flight is designed to be as comfortable as possible, so you arrive really rested and ready to go.

We work closely with the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers to design bespoke interiors for our jet. This means you can expect to find the highest quality in the smallest details, right down to the luxurious cashmere blankets. Additionally, the NetJets dining experience is carefully curated and constructed to provide you with a healthy and delicious range of menus using only the finest local ingredients and produce. Curated by our in-house Head Chef, our menus are designed to perfectly suit your individual needs and desires, fuelling you for the work ahead.

Lastly, we understand that our Owners can’t afford to lose any time feeling unwell. This is why our cabins simulate the pressure of around 6,000 feet above sea levels; this, combined with higher humidity levels, means you suffer less from dehydration, altitude sickness and the effects of jet-lag, meaning you land feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready for whatever meeting lies ahead.

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