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Ownership vs. Leasing

Find out what distinguishes our programmes and discover which option will work best for you.

It's no secret that NetJets' revolutionary business model—fractional ownership—disrupted an entire industry and changed private aviation forever. But ownership isn't the only way to experience our unrivalled service.

Unless you’re flying fewer than 50 hours annually (in which case a NetJets Private Jet Card is ideal), you have the choice between becoming a NetJets Owner and taking out a NetJets Lease. But how do you know which option will be best suited for your needs, your family, and your business? Let's take a look at the factors that distinguish each programme.

Shared ownership: The original disruption

Before NetJets, private air travel was complex, inflexible, and prohibitively expensive. Jet owners would have to employ entire crews, pay out-of-pocket for maintenance and fuel, absorb huge sums in depreciation—all to have access to just one or two aircraft.

Shared ownership changes everything, offering the privacy and luxury of whole aircraft ownership without any of the associated complexities and hidden overhead. But how?

1. Start small
As a NetJets Owner, you purchase a portion or “share” of a specific aircraft type, which equates to a specific number of hours you can fly.

2. Minimize your outlay
NetJets Owners do not own entire aircraft, which means they don't have to make a large upfront investment in an asset that depreciates quickly. The combined investment of all NetJets Owners creates significant economies of scale, allowing us to continually rejuvenate our fleet with the newest models in the market.

3. Upgrade as needed
Your jet isn't available? We'll provide a similar or upgraded model at no additional cost. You can also upgrade to a larger aircraft or longer distances for a fee.

4. Say goodbye to repositioning fees
Owning your own aircraft doesn't guarantee that your jet will be where you need it, when you need it. In contrast, most charter companies will get an aircraft to you—but it may take some time and will usually come with a fairly hefty repositioning or ferry fee. Our unique (and recently expanded) Ferry Waiver Programme simplifies travel and, in fact, usually eliminates this added expense entirely.

5. Leave the hard work to us
If you don't want to hire crew, pay for maintenance or hangars, or negotiate fuel costs, we have some good news for you: we’ll take care of it. Always. All you have to do is board, settle in, and enjoy the experience.

To lease or not to lease?

NetJets ownership offers the best of all worlds, including the cleanest and best-maintained aircraft, world-leading safety protocols, a comprehensive Ferry Waiver Programme, and jet availability in as little as 10 hours. So, which of these benefits are omitted from the NetJets Lease? The answer is … none.

The NetJets Lease programme offers virtually the same experience as ownership but comes with a different payment structure that circumvents the need for an initial capital outlay. In fact, costs are guaranteed and predictable for the entire term of our private jet leases, which start at just 36 months.

Need more than 50 hours of flying time in a given year? You don't necessarily have to turn your lease into ownership. Instead, you can add the flying time you need in 25-hour increments.

The choice is yours

Whether you become a NetJets Owner or take out a NetJets Lease, you can look forward to guaranteed access to the largest private air fleet in the world—and experiencing the unmatched safety, service, access, and convenience that have made NetJets the worldwide leader in private aviation.

Not sure which option you prefer? Check in with us and we'll be happy to explain the benefits of each programme in greater detail.

Explore the Possibilities

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