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The Safest Name in Private Aviation

Discover how we go above and beyond to ensure the safety of our Owners

Since it was founded in 1964, NetJets has established itself as the safest name in private aviation. Our unwavering commitment to the safety and security of our Owners is evident in every decision, and every investment we make. Our training, investment, experience, and standards are second to none.

NetJets is committed to:

Continual financial investment in safety

Financially backed by Berkshire Hathaway, financial stability and access to immense resources allows NetJets to continuously invest in safety, security and service across our luxury fleet.

Our private, purpose-built €5 million training facility in Lisbon denotes this investment as well as our commitment to safety. It is here that we invest nearly $ 100 million into training our pilots and crew - twice as much than is provided by any other private airline.

NetJets are constantly updating and investing in our fleet. For example, in 2012, we placed the world’s largest ever aircraft order totalling $9.6 billion. As a result, over 50% of our fleet is less than 4 years old, with NetJets taking more new annual aircraft deliveries than any other private aviation provider.

Comprehensive and thorough training

NetJets are committed to going above and beyond the level of training expected in the private aviation industry. We ensure our pilots and crew members receive the very highest standard of training, well surpassing legal requirements.

Our superior pilots are recruited from leading air forces and airlines across Europe, with proven skills in the toughest aviation environments. Once under our wing, they are transformed into world-class aviation specialists through the expert tuition of our own in-house team.

Their training is intensive and thorough. With the aid of our flight simulator, trainee pilots receive NetJets-specific pilot instructor training and assessments. They experience a wide range of varied situations, including unique exercises for mountain airports and remote destinations. While the legal requirement for a Captain is 1,500 flying hours, a NetJets Captain must complete at least 3,000 to qualify.
While other companies may assign pilots to different jets as and when needed, our pilots fly a single aircraft type. This means they understand its virtues to the very last detail and are entirely equipped to handle any and every event.

Additionally, the health and wellbeing of our team are paramount. We closely monitor each individual crew member’s schedule and respond to any risk of fatigue well in advance of their scheduled flight. We also employ an in-house psychologist to assess our pilots and make sure they’re happy, comfortable and able to perform to our high standards, whenever and wherever they fly.

Constant monitoring

We are invested in rigorous monitoring of all NetJets flights both in the lead up to, and duration of. This includes monitoring the weather to minimise disruption.

Our in-house experts help us to review every flight at least 36 hours in advance, in-line with the weather forecast. On the day, our licensed dispatch experts carefully assess weather conditions, planning alternative routes when necessary. Even after your flight has taken off, we have state-of-the-art equipment to give pilots and dispatchers up-to-the-minute weather reports to ensure your safety and comfort.

Throughout all flights, our highly skilled flight data monitoring team maintains a constant watch on the way our aircraft operate, allowing us to continually improve procedures and pilot skills.

Giving our Owners complete peace of mind

Our goal is not only to keep our Owners safe, but to ensure they feel secure and confident throughout their journey. We know that anxiety or nervousness when flying can be common and we strive to reassure our clients on every journey, even before they step on board.
Knowledge is power. Understanding the flight process can go a long way to laying any fears to rest. To facilitate understanding, we provide exclusive, expertly curated workshops to any nervous flyer, offering helpful insight into aviation physiology and passenger psychology. Speak directly with our pilots in the cockpits, ask questions about turbulence, or learn more about aircraft mechanics.

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