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Travel exclusively on your terms.

We've redefined comfort, service, and attention to detail, from the ground up.

Only NetJets provides a total focus on your needs, with the elegant simplicity of a single point of contact for your travel demands. Our commitment to highest levels of service, safety, and convenience is unmatched in private aviation. 

Every flight is personal.

Does your business partner crave the freshest local sashimi? We’ll have it waiting when you board. Or surprise your daughter with a cupcake in her favourite colour. Our network of leading caterers offers a wide range of delicious dining options. Just let us know what you like.
Available in-flight

Always on board

Based on the size of the jet, we will fill every one of our aircraft with as many amenities as possible. Although every item has been carefully selected for its exceptional quality, we understand every Owner has different preferences.
    We fully stock every one of our aircraft with a wide assortment of popular beverages and light snacks including alcohol and a carefully-curated snack assortment exclusive to NetJets. 
  • WIFI
    We know staying connected is essential. For that reason, all new NetJets aircraft have WiFi that’s best-in-class within the business aircraft industry. Currently, our WiFi allows you to send emails and browse the internet but does not support video streaming. To increase our level of connectivity, we are actively pursuing new technologies. To learn more about our WiFi, please see the Inflight Guide located on
    every aircraft.
    Our NetJets Inflight Guide will help you easily access entertainment options. In our newest planes, enjoy feature films, television shows, and news items updated weekly. It’s all streamed via dedicated on-board media servers, so it’s instantly available on your favourite digital device. 
    On most flights, you’ll have a variety of popular newspapers and magazines to choose from.
    For our younger flyers, NetJets backpacks full of toys and goodies, are available on all flights.
    All NetJets flight crews receive comprehensive training in the use of state-of-the-art emergency medical supplies that are always on board. These supplies include: Specially-designed life-saving medical kits,  emergency oxygen, and Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).
    To make you and your guests as comfortable as possible, every aircraft is supplied with plush blankets,
    over-the-counter pain medicine, grooming items, eye care needs, and a variety of other fundamental 
    medicine cabinet items.

Prepared for

Every scenario.

For business or pleasure, we're ready.

You’ll find every detail is just so, from gourmet food and drinks of your choice to premium amenities and entertainment options. For business or pleasure, we’re ready with as little as ten hours notice. Whether you’re reaching the world’s financial centres or remote mountain towns, we’ll get you there in serenity.
  • Every flight is stocked with a wide assortment of popular beverages and carefully curated snacks exclusive to NetJets.
  • Stay connected with WiFi available on board.
  • Enjoy high-definition in-flight TV, movies, and news features.

Exquisite dining at

41,000 feet.

We’ve studied culinary science and we understand that sense of taste is desensitised at high altitudes. So the meals we serve are specifically selected and seasoned for enjoyment mid-flight. Our Signature Selections Menu items reflect regional specialities that taste as good as they look. Table service in our larger cabin jets is every bit as attentive and satisfying as a fine dining restaurant.



NetJets flew over 2,477 pets in 2017. For many of our Owners, pets are simply part of the family. That’s why we make every effort to ensure their flights are as safe and comfortable as possible. Your Owner Services Team will even arrange a special treat or meal for them — just let them know what you prefer. And, of course, we’ll clean the cabin thoroughly upon arrival.

Securing Your Pet

The comfort and safety of your pet is important to us. Therefore, it is important that they be restrained during take-off, landing, and in turbulent air. We require pet carriers for cats and highly recommend carriers for other pets that may be anxious during flight. Dogs may also be carried in the cabin provided that the cabin is large enough to accommodate the particular size of the dog comfortably and, in the judgement of the Captain, the animal can be carried without putting at risk the safety of the passengers and the aircraft. It is preferable for your dog to be housed in a suitable leak-proof pet carrier. Dogs may be carried without such containers, provided that they are kept on a leash or harness, which should be attached to the seat structure or belt to prevent the animal from moving around freely.
Current EU regulations require pets to have a passport for travel between EU member states and a passport or health certificate for movement from a third country. You can obtain a pet passport for your cat or dog by contacting a veterinarian in your home country. The procedures generally consist of having your pet microchipped, vaccinated, arranging a blood test and obtaining documentation in the form of an EU pet passport.
Additional information may be needed if you are flying with your pet into the UK or if you are preparing your animal in a non-EU listed country. Your Owner Services team will be available to provide you with further information on specific requirements.



Our on-site Service Representatives are there to guarantee your needs are met during travel. They are your immediate port of call for customer service, and they ensure that caterers, airports and handlers are all ready for you ahead of your flight. You will find them on-site in some of Europe’s busiest airports, such as London airports or Paris-Le Bourget and many other locations, including seasonal airports or those serving major events, to guarantee that the service you receive remains seamless.
Behind the scenes,
Precision and care.


Whether traveling for business or leisure, every aspect of your flight is planned, coordinated, confirmed, and delivered by your dedicated Owner Services Team. We’re honored to provide seamless travel, wherever life takes you.
  • Owner Services Team
    We are fully staffed 24/7, every day of the year, including weekends and holidays. Because that’s often when you need us most. Initiate your trip by phone, mobile app, or your Owner Portal at Simply call in your preferred language or click to put your team in motion.
  • Logistics
    Forging partnerships with key vendors to ensure we are able to provide the best possible catering and ground transport experiences.
  • On-Site Experience
    On the ground, where you need us. A dedicated team of On-Site Representatives staff our busiest airports to ensure your everyday experience is smooth and seamless. Around Europe we leverage the expertise of NetJets professionals to provide operational support for major events to guarantee that the service you receive remains seamless.
  • Security
    Our Security Team constantly monitors geopolitics and work closely with intelligence agencies, adjusting to changes that might potentially impact NetJets Owners, crew and aircraft.
  • Operations Control Centre
    A dedicated team of experts monitor and react to any potential disruption happening on the day of the flight, ensuring a consistent and smooth daily operation and exceptional experience for our Owners. In a fast-paced dynamic, any event is reviewed and resolved, tight coordination and communication is ensured with all departments and crew as to ensure a uniform approach “in the eyes of our Owners".
  • Advanced Slot Planning
    With the continuous increase in flight volume around Europe, airport access assumes a pinnacle role within the flight planning process. NetJets advanced slot planning focuses on the need to ensure that you can meet your schedule.
  • Scheduling
    Initiate your trip by phone, mobile app, or your Owner Portal at Simply call or click to put our team in motion.
  • Safety & Quality
    The reassurance of constant flight monitoring. NetJets has a dedicated team for Safety and Quality review. During the planning phase, this team constantly monitors our destinations for any operational or weather considerations to maximize safety and minimize any impact on your flight.
  • Process Improvement
    In such a demanding industry it is vital to keep a constant focus on our processes as we work on simplifying them to achieve an excellence service. Our continuous improvement program plays an important role in delivering the best possible experience to our Owners.
  • Maintenance
    Our Maintenance and Engineering team develops, in close cooperation with the aircraft manufacturers, customized aircraft maintenance programs and minimum equipment lists, which supports the overall reliability of the aircraft and a continued focus on airworthiness and safety. The maintenance performed on the aircraft is only accomplished by the respective aircraft manufacturers or approved Service Centres, which is monitored through our approved continuing airworthiness processes and supported by a structured audit program conducted by our Quality and Compliance teams.


NetJets has a dedicated team for Safety and Quality review; this team constantly monitors our destinations for any operational or weather considerations to maximise safety and minimise any impact on your flight.

Getting you to your destination

Step off a NetJets aircraft and into a private luxury limousine or vehicle, ready to deliver you to your ultimate destination. Your Owner Services Team coordinates pinpoint timings and routes, and ensures that all passengers and cargo are moved safely without delay. NetJets Service Representatives are onsite to ensure smooth transfers and answer any questions you may have along the way. Think of them as a personal concierge for the busiest travel times and locations.

For some, the greatest luxury is


  • At many airports, our private boarding lounges eliminate lines and simplify customs. NetJets Owners enjoy exclusive access to secure, private points of departure
  • Exit your vehicle and board in minutes, or enjoy a beverage or snack while your fellow travellers arrive.
  • Passenger travel data is maintained under strict confidentiality.

Explore the Possibilities

We have the right solution to fit your unique travel needs. Become a NetJets Owner today!
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