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Spectacular Winter Experiences To Enjoy This Season

There’s more to winter than just skiing

When it comes to travel, summer is often regarded as the season of adventure and adrenaline, the time to discover exciting exotic destinations and try thrilling new activities; winter is often spent indoors, at local events or enjoying the same series of spectacular European slopes.

While winter is a good time to reset and enjoy tradition, it is also a wonderful time to embrace the season, explore breath-taking winter destinations and challenge ourselves with new and exhilarating activities.

Enjoy a thrilling husky ride

There is nothing more romantic or exhilarating than speeding through the remote Arctic wilderness on a sled led by a magnificent pack of huskies. Travel through ancient forests, admire frozen lakes and spot local wildlife while tucked up in warm winter furs on your sled.
Whether you go for a day trip or stay the night out under the stars, your guide will ensure you have a magical time. Husky escapades are available in various countries including Sweden, Finland and Greenland.


Glamping isn’t just for the summer months. In fact, with a choice selection of private and luxurious heated camps set up around the European wilderness it’s one of the best ways to take in the spectacular landscapes and the very best of nature in the dead of winter. Stay at a luxury campsite at the foot of a stunning glacier, next to a gushing waterfall or on a secluded beach complete with decadent luxury tents, Finnish sauna, a private chef and more.

Ride the rails

There is nothing more romantic than a train through the snow-carpeted wilderness. Board the Trans-Siberian Railway for a winter adventure and visit the sites such as the Red Square, the Kazan Kremlin, Lake Baikal, and more along the way.

Alternatively, the Glacier Express in Switzerland will transport you through and into a magical world as you travel between St Moritz and Zermatt, with vistas of the Matterhorn and Piz Bernina.

Go on a snowmobile tour

Explore the frozen lands of Europe in the one of the most exhilarating ways imaginable: snowmobile. After a short lesson, you can set off for an adventure with your guide for a day or overnight trip. Enjoy miles and miles of magnificent scenery before stopping at your luxury camp.


Japan has numerous winter wonders to offer in addition to its excellent skiing. Visit the hot springs of Jigokudani Monkey Park to watch Japanese Macaques luxuriate in steaming hot spring baths before heading to one of the country’s world-class spas for a touch of relaxation yourself.

Fly with NetJets

NetJets fly to a wide range of remote and magical winter destinations, taking you from door-to-door in complete comfort and through even the most challenging weather. Fly into gorgeous winter destinations in Scandinavia, Russia and more with our world-class fleet.

Travel to any of the above destinations with NetJets. Discover more today.

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