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December 2018

The NetJets Story

Our journey to the pinnacle
Like every great brand, the story behind NetJets’ birth and journey to becoming the global leader in private aviation is one of hard work, commitment and determination to succeed. With over 50 years of experience, we have built our reputation for excellence over the course of every single day and every single flight.

Today, we own and operate the world’s largest fleet of private jets with more than 750 aircraft worldwide. Here’s a look at how we got here:

Since 1964

Our journey

NetJets first entered the world in 1964 when it was founded as Executive Jet Airways - the world’s first private jet charter and aircraft management system.

Since then, landmark events such as the launch of shared aircraft ownership in 1986 and the acquisition of the company by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway in 1998, have seen NetJets become a global force to be reckoned with. At the forefront of innovation and investment, we are constantly striving to go higher and be better.

Today, we own and control the world’s largest fleet of private jets. More importantly, the size of our fleet is more than a mere number. It is a guarantee. 

NetJets Journey

What has set us apart?

Our journey has been dictated by the core principles that underpin NetJets, namely, the commitment to providing excellent service and value for all of our clients.

Here are just few things that have set us apart from our competitors on the journey:
The choice of a programme tailored to you
NetJets has always been a disruptor in the industry, initiating innovative, smarter ways to deliver the very best service to our clients. The industry was forever changed by our conception of shared aircraft ownership over thirty years ago. When we asked, ‘why invest in a private jet when you could purchase a share in an aircraft based on the number of hours you plan to fly each year?’ The answer seemed obvious, and we delivered. So, today you can enjoy the immediacy and luxury of aircraft ownership, with none of the operational complexities and hidden overhead.

If shared ownership isn’t the right option for you, we offer alternative routes to suit your specific circumstance and needs. Whether you require the short-term commitment of our Jet Card, or the predictability and guaranteed contract of our Lease option, you’ll find the right choice at NetJets.
Completely personalised service
What makes NetJets truly unique is the way we combine the scale of a major commercial airline with unparalleled levels of personal attention and service you expect from private aviation. While you get to enjoy guaranteed access to an extensive fleet, you can also expect the ultimate personalised service, care and attention throughout your travels.

In the lead up to your flight, your dedicated Account Team (available 24/7, throughout the year, and in the language of your choice) will take care of every last detail, from arranging a chauffeured car to take you to your aircraft, to ensuring your favourite items are waiting on-board. Once on-board, our staff will cater to your every need.
Complete control and maximised time
As a NetJets Client, you make the decisions. Simply select a destination and go. No queues, no layovers, no baggage reclaim, and no delays. With access to over 5,000 airports across the globe, we can cut your travel time in half, flying from your nearest local airport to the one closest to your destination – no matter how secluded it is. NetJets brings any destination into easy reach. That’s why, to this day, we fly more clients for more hours than all of our competitors combined.
The very latest in investment and the best in safety
As the only operator backed by AA+ rated Berkshire Hathaway, we are in a position to continually invest in the latest, state-of-the-art aircraft and maintain the best fleet in the skies. NetJets Europe employs more than 500 dedicated aviation experts to make your journey as smooth, seamless and secure as possible. An integrated network of maintenance engineers, schedulers, meteorologists, aircraft dispatchers, caterers, security experts and ground transport teams come to life, working together to manage your flight down to the finest detail.

Side-by-side with this, is our uncompromising commitment to safety. From our pilots to our operation teams, every single member of our staff is trained to the highest level. With constant investment, you know you’re in safe hands. 
Access to premium events & partnerships
As a NetJets Client, you become part of an exclusive world that extends far beyond flying. We are very proud to offer you and your guests access to a programme of completely unique and utterly unforgettable events.

A private concert in Tuscany with Andrea Bocelli. Tennis clinic with icons Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. A personalised dinner at the world’s number one restaurant. Rediscover the true meaning of exclusive with NetJets.