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September 2020

The values that make NetJets an industry leader

We’ve led private aviation for more than five decades by championing these three core values
What does it take to challenge the status quo, transform an entire industry, and become the world's leading business aviation company?

It did not happen overnight for NetJets. We have built our reputation for excellence over the course of every flight for more than half a century.

In those five decades, NetJets has been guided by our core values—safety, service, and access—and they still guide us to this day as we own and control the world's largest fleet of private jets. This is how.

The safest name in aviation

We take nothing for granted and leave nothing to chance. NetJets strives to be the safest name in private aviation through a comprehensive blend of investment, training, experience, and standards.

NetJets has the financial stability and resources—as well as the backing of Berkshire Hathaway—to continually invest in safety. In 2012, we placed the largest-ever aircraft order—$9.6 billion—making our fleet one of the youngest and most advanced in the world. Every year, NetJets invests almost $100 million in training our pilots and flight attendants at our purpose-built training facility in Lisbon. That's twice as much as any other private airline.

But investment alone doesn't guarantee safety—our crewmembers do. NetJets captains must have at least 3,000 flying hours (twice the legal requirement), and most have 10,000 hours or more when they join NetJets from backgrounds in military combat, air force leadership, and top commercial airlines. We transform these first-class pilots into world-class pilots and ensure they only train for and fly one single type of aircraft. The result? Two extraordinarily talented, captain-standard pilots in the cockpit at all times

Setting the gold standard in service

From the moment an Owner calls to reserve a jet, our dedicated team of engineers, schedulers, meteorologists, dispatchers, caterers, and security experts spring into life to manage every detail. From arranging a chauffeured car to advising on special travel permits and ensuring favourite items are on-board, we truly take personalised service to new heights—24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Exceptional dining is included as standard. Curated by our in-house Head Chef, our range of regional menus incorporates the finest local ingredients and produce. Short city-hops are no exception, with a wide range of premium snacks and drinks on every flight, from Kusmi teas to Ruinart Champagne.

The ultimate private jet access

NetJets Owners expect outstanding service and exacting safety standards. At the most fundamental level, they also need to travel in a way that is convenient, discreet, and—above all—accessible.

In 1986, our concept of shared jet ownership revolutionised private aviation and pioneered the shared economy decades before its time. For Owners who have previously chartered or owned their own jets, NetJets' completely hands-free ownership means no significant capital costs, no maintenance fees, and no management headaches.

Thanks to the size and scale of our industry-leading fleet and global operations, NetJets Owners have access to an aircraft guaranteed in as little as 10 hours. But that is not all. While almost all other private aviators charge a ferry fee—charged to fly an aircraft to you if there is not one based where you are—we never charge our Owners for positioning costs on flights within Europe or North America, as well as to destinations in South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Explore the Possibilities

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