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February 2019

Can I bring my pet on a NetJets flight?

Everything you need to know about travelling with your pet
Here at NetJets, we’re proud to welcome pets onboard our flights. We understand that for many of our Owners, pets are simply a member of the family, which is why we work to make their flight as enjoyable as yours. We’ve welcomed dogs, cats and a number of other unusual pets on-board our fleet over the years. In fact, last year alone, we flew over 17,000 pets.

Here are a few guidelines we’ve established with the applicable regulatory authorities to ensure you pet’s travel is safe and stress-free: 

Pet carrier requirements

The comfort and safety of your pet is important to us. Therefore, it is important that they be restrained during take-off, landing, and in turbulent air. We require pet carriers for cats and highly recommend carriers for other pets that may be anxious during flight. Dogs may be carried in the cabin provided it’s large enough to accommodate the particular size of the dog comfortably and if the Captain believes the animal can be carried without putting at risk the safety of the passengers and the aircraft.

While it’s preferable for your dog to be housed in a suitable pet carrier, it may simply be kept on a leash or harness attached to a seat or belt. Your Owner Services Team will be able to advise on the kind of leash that may be used onboard.

Pet passports

Current EU regulations require pets to have a passport for travel between EU member states and a passport or health certificate for travel from a third country. You can easily get a pet passport for your cat or dog by contacting a vet in your home country. The process generally requires having your pet micro-chipped, vaccinated, arranging a blood test and obtaining documentation in the form of an EU pet passport. This process can take a few months, so be sure to leave yourself enough time before travel.

Rules when flying to the UK

When flying to the UK with your pet, the UK regulations require you fly to one of the approved entry airports in the UK for pets being flown from outside of the UK. Additional information may be needed if you are flying with your pet into the UK or if you are preparing your animal in a non-EU listed country. Your NetJets team will be available to provide you with further information on specific requirements.
To find out more about travelling with your pet, contact our experts who will be happy to provide you with further information.