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August 2019

Your Personalised On Board Experience

Travel on your own terms with NetJets
At NetJets, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer our Owners a bespoke travel experience. We understand that each of our Owners has their own unique travel requirements and preferences and we strive to meet each and every one of them. Our Owner Services Team work tirelessly alongside our on-board staff to ensure your on-board experience is everything you want it to be, and more.

Here are just a few ways in which your on-board experience may be personalised to meet your needs:

On board entertainment

In order to make your flight as entertaining as possible, we are able to arrange any on-board entertainment you could wish for. In addition to our on-board iPads fully loaded with a variety of the latest feature films, music, TV shows and more, you can access and control your entertainment via the NetJets IFE app. Stream a full library of movies, TV episodes, news, destination weather, flight progress and more to your personal Wi-Fi connected laptop or tablet from an on-board aircraft server.

If you are an avid reader of one particular, or multiple, publications, we can arrange for any number of newspapers and magazines to be waiting for you on board.

Business meeting necessities

On board certain aircraft you will find the amenities necessary to carry out business meetings or conferences from the skies. For example, you have the option to mirror your computer or iPad on aircraft screens, projecting presentations, documents and more.

Satellite Wi-Fi is available across the entire fleet so you can stay connected and up to date throughout your journey, whether sending emails or browsing online.

Discover the numerous benefits of flying with NetJets for business here.

Special dietary requirements

We offer a range of exquisite food and drinks options on board every NetJets flight. Our specially curated menus are overseen by our Catering and Standards Executive Chef, Darrion Landers, and are designed to provide you with delicious and nutritious dining options on board your flight. Alongside our meals, we provide a carefully selected range of on-board wines.

If you have any specific dietary requirements, our team will be glad to create a personalised on-board dining menu to meet your specific desires. While we fully stock every one of our aircraft with a wide assortment of popular beverages and light snacks including alcohol and a carefully-curated snack assortment exclusive to NetJets, we can source any specific requests you may have.

We are also able to provide special children’s menus for specific tastes and diets.


We understand that for many of our Owners, pets are simply a member of the family, which is why they’ll receive the very best service on board your flight. Whether they require special treats, bedding or other, our team will do their best to accommodate you.
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Special occasions

Whether you are travelling over a loved one’s birthday or a special anniversary, we are able to help you celebrate in the skies. Whether you want a special bottle of champagne to toast your partner, a full-blown toddler’s party complete with decorations and cupcakes, or an Easter egg hunt, we have every occasion covered.

Cabin comfort

You can control your cabin’s ambience, from lighting through to temperature, and everything in between. All of our cabins simulate the pressure of around 6,000 feet above sea level - combined with higher humidity levels, this reduces your risk of dehydration, altitude sickness and the effects of jet-leg. If you are travelling on a longer-haul flight, we can provide your preferred sleeping arrangements and bedding; indeed, for some of our Owners we store specific items such as mattress toppers, special pillows, blankets and more at their most frequent departure airports. While each aircraft has a supply of on-board toiletries, we are also able to provide any specific personal care items you may require.
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Travel on your own terms

Only with NetJets

Our team will go to every effort to accommodate your special requirements on board your flight. While some requests may be easily met, others may require extra time or effort, so please provide your Owner Services Team with adequate notice. Do take a look at our in-flight services and amenities page for more information or contact us with any questions.