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Private Jet Charter Comparison

Discover the difference between charter and NetJets card, lease, and share programme

Private jet charter has a decidedly different business model than NetJets. Private jet charter companies operate—and sometimes own—a fleet of aircraft and offer those aircraft for public use. NetJets owns and operates the largest, most diverse fleet of private jets in the world, offering fractional jet ownership, private jet lease, and jet card programmes.

Private Jet Charter Considerations

By nature of the business model, private jet charter offers an unpredictable travel experience—with an unfamiliar aircraft and crew for each flight—and is usually best suited for those who travel infrequently. There are approximately 220 charter operators in Europe, each with its own standards for safety and service. These 220 operators fly approximately 850 aircraft with varying maintenance histories and crew standards—which makes prioritising safety even more challenging in such a fragmented market.

Availability is heavily dependent on overall demand and during peak travel periods, aircraft and crew options can be scarce. This can lower safety thresholds as well as inflate prices. Also, in the event of a mechanical issue, recoveries can be lengthy and expensive, given the complication of having to locate a new aircraft.

With the average charter company operating a fleet of fewer than 10 aircraft, these small operators rely on a network of brokers and charter aggregators to bring their aircraft to market, creating even less transparency in terms of who operates the aircraft and to what standards. It becomes difficult for the customer in some cases to know who they are actually flying with and what they are getting for their money. 

Flying NetJets Is a

Superior Travel Experience

NetJets offers consistent standards and reliable access for each and every flight. We are committed to offering the highest levels of safety and service. In fact, our safety investment is unparalleled. We invest over $80 million annually in crewmember training. (That’s more than some private aviation companies spend on pilots’ salaries alone.) Our Owners also have ensured access to our fleet—regardless of demand. And during an unforeseen maintenance issue, we offer guaranteed trip recovery. We truly offer an exceptional private travel experience.

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The differences between NetJets and private jet charter providers are stark. As you consider your options, it may help if you ask yourself: What’s most important to me, my family, and my business?

Private Jet Charter

NetJets Share, Lease & Cards

Ideal Traveller
Private Jet Charter
- Individuals/businesses that travel infrequently, can be flexible with flight itineraries and aircraft type, and prefer to pay as they go
NetJets Share, Lease & Cards
- Individuals/businesses that need to fly on short notice or during peak demand periods, and for whom reliable and consistent service is imperative
Private Jet Charter
- Standards and ratings vary greatly by provider
- Multiple providers may be involved in maintaining the aircraft
NetJets Share, Lease & Cards
- Far exceeds EASA minimums
- Dedicated team of in-house safety and maintenance experts
- Industry-leading investment in safety
Private Jet Charter
- Highly impacted by the industry’s pilot shortage
- Multiple providers may be involved in hiring and training pilots
NetJets Share, Lease & Cards
- Most experienced pilots: Our pilots average 7 times the industry standard in flight hours
- Industry-leading, personalised training programme that will result in the highest possible standard of crew performance
Availability and Experience
Private Jet Charter
- Availability and selection of aircraft varies greatly and are often not guaranteed
- Aircraft tend to be older, with a wide variation in the level of technology and safety equipment
- Backup aircraft and crews not guaranteed in the event of a maintenance issue
NetJets Share, Lease & Cards
- Guaranteed access to the largest, most diverse fleet of private jets in the world in as little as a few hours’ notice
- More than half of our aircraft are less than five years old
- Guaranteed trip recovery during maintenance
International Travel
Private Jet Charter
- Most charter companies require additional fees for international flights to reposition aircraft
NetJets Share, Lease & Cards
- NetJets members do not pay ferry fees when travelling in our Primary Operational Area (POA) which includes almost 900 airports in Europe*
Jet Charter Costs
Private Jet Charter
- Costs vary on a flight-by-flight basis predicated on available aircraft type and flight itinerary
- Additional costs include, but are not limited to, positioning fees, daily minimums, wait time, hangar and airport fees, pilot overnights, and catering
NetJets Share, Lease & Cards
- Costs are predictable 
- No hidden fees 
- No repositioning/ferry fees*
*If your flight arrival and departure is in a NetJets Primary Operational Area (POA) or designated ferry waiver zone, you’ll never be charged a ferry fee. Learn more >

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