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Private and Corporate Jet Programs Open Up a World of Elite Travel

Choose one of three ways to fly with us: a NetJets ShareTM, NetJets LeaseTM, or NetJets Marquis CardTM. Then enjoy the unmatched luxury, convenience, and security that have made NetJets the worldwide leader in private aviation. Choose the NetJets program that best fits your lifestyle.

3 Options. Endless Potential.

NetJets Programs

Own a part of the NetJets fleet

This signature NetJets program is the most cost-effective private aviation solution for individuals or businesses that fly 50 or more hours per year and prefer the benefits of owning the asset.

Understand the

Value of NetJets

Flying with the worldwide leader in private aviation means that you never compromise on safety and service, and you fly with the most reliable private aviation partner. Watch the video to better understand the value of flying with NetJets.

Are you looking for a

business travel solution?

With NetJets, business travel has never been easier. As a NetJets Owner, you no longer have to make travel compromises. Learn why NetJets is the superior choice for business travel.  Arrow Right Icon
“It's made my life on tour so much easier.”
Roger Federer, professional tennis player and NetJets Ambassador

Are you currently a

whole aircraft owner?

We could make your life easier. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of being an Owner—without any of the responsibilities. Learn more about shared aircraft ownership.Arrow Right Icon

Supplemental lift assurance

Access the NetJets fleet when your aircraft is unavailable or when you need multiple aircraft simultaneously.
Supplemental Lift is a convenient way to experience the benefits of NetJets ownership without the initial financial outlay required by shared ownership. Get where you need to go and discover the unique advantages of the best private fleet in the world.

Considering a switch to the luxury, convenience, and safety of NetJets shared ownership?
Compare NetJets to whole aircraft ownershipChevron Right Icon


We’ll be happy to explain the benefits of each option in greater detail. We can discuss your unique travel needs and provide you with a personalized recommendation.

Explore the Possibilities

We have the right solution to fit your unique travel needs. Become a NetJets Owner today!
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