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Understanding Private Jet Costs

What Goes into NetJets Pricing

After more than 55 years, NetJets remains the worldwide leader in private aviation. We offer an extraordinary private travel experience for every Owner, on every flight. There is no comparison.

To better understand our pricing for the fractional jet ownership, private jet lease, and jet card programs, review the cost components below.

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The Value of NetJets

The costs associated with private jet travel vary across the industry. Some of these costs are controlled by the market, while others are indicative of the company’s values. At NetJets, we don’t compromise our values. 

We always prioritize safety and service over price. In fact, we invest over $80 million in crewmember training each year—which is more than what many companies pay in pilot salaries alone. And our completely tailored service offering is supported by the largest, most diverse fleet of private jets in the world—more than 325 of which were delivered to NetJets from the manufacturer in the past six years.
This means there is always a private jet waiting. Our Owners never have to make travel compromises.

Fractional & Private Jet Lease Cost Components

  • Acquisition Cost/Monthly Lease Payment
    - For fractional jet ownership contracts, the acquisition cost is a one-time investment based on the share size and type of aircraft purchased

    - For the private jet lease program, there is no capital acquisition; instead, lessees have a monthly fee for the term of the contract that is based on the type of aircraft chosen

    In both programs, the size of the share purchased or leased determines how many hours the aircraft is available to the Owner annually.
  • Monthly Management Fee
    This fixed monthly private jet management fee covers indirect operating costs, such as pilot salaries and training, insurance, and hangar space.
  • Occupied Hourly Fee (OHF)
    The OHF is a variable hourly cost that is based on flight activity. This fee covers direct operating costs, including a portion of the fuel consumption, maintenance, landing fees, cleaning, and catering.
  • Fuel Variable Rate
    The exact amount of fuel consumed will vary per flight depending on many factors, including weather, runway conditions, and aircraft performance. The variable fuel rate is applied to each flight and is dependent on the type of aircraft owned and NetJets’ cost of fuel in the prior month.
    With so many aircraft all over the world, we’re able to waive the positioning (ferry) fees that may be charged by other providers to position a private aircraft where you need it to be. This is the most all-inclusive ferry waiver program in the industry, and it’s exclusive to NetJets Owners.

    As long as you’re flying in the following areas, you’ll never be charged a ferry fee: 
    - Collective Service Area: Contiguous U.S. and select cities in Canada
    - Between the Collective Service Area and the most popular destinations around the world (based on aircraft type)
    A one-hour minimum flight requirement is commonplace in the private aviation industry. For flights under an hour in duration, Owners may still be charged for the full hour. At NetJets, there aren’t extra charges for short flights. We leverage the largest fleet in private aviation and our sophisticated operational infrastructure to make sure Owners are only charged for the hours they fly.

    Learn more about our short leg waiver program >
Cost impacts of the 2020 Federal Stimulus Package
On March 27, 2020, President Trump signed the $2 trillion CARES Act that contains relief from the 7.5% air transportation federal excise tax (FET) and suspension of the commercial fuel tax until Dec. 31, 2020. And at NetJets, the benefits of this stimulus plan will be passed directly to our Owners. Going forward, FET will be removed from all of our jet card programs and fuel taxes will be eliminated for all new NetJets ShareTM and NetJets LeaseTM Owners.

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NetJets Marquis Card Program

2020 Pricing & Program Updates

Perfect for private flyers who travel less frequently and prefer a short-term commitment, our Marquis Jet Card Program features all-inclusive pricing, guaranteed access to the NetJets fleet, and zero positioning fees. And in response to today’s unique need for variety and flexibility, NetJets is offering new jet card options.
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