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The NetJets Share Program


A NetJets Share™ is the optimal private aviation solution for personal or business jet travelers who fly 50 or more hours per year and prefer the benefits of owning the asset. This is the signature NetJets shared ownership program.

The NetJets Share at a Glance

  • Ideal for
    50+ hours per year
  • Key Distinction
    Own an asset
  • Minimum Commitment
    36 months
  • Aircraft Interchange
    Downgrades guaranteed; upgrades subject to availability
  • Notice Time
    Guaranteed with as little as 4-6 hours’ notice depending on share size and aircraft type.
  • Peak Period Days
  • Costs
    Predictable and determined upfront

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As an Owner in the NetJets’ Share program, your Peak Period Days will not exceed 10 days a year. Travel on those high-traffic days is still guaranteed with as little as 48 hours’ notice. Costs are predictable for the entire term of your contract. And you will never be charged ferry fees when flying within the Collective Service Area or when flying between the Collective Service Area and locations in the ferry waiver zone (which include many of the most popular international destinations) for the specific aircraft type.

Should you decide to leave the Share program after your minimum-commitment term, NetJets offers guaranteed liquidity with the repurchase of your private jet share.


Simply purchase a share in a specific serial-numbered aircraft with a minimum commitment of 36 months. Shares can increase in 25-hour increments. Enjoy guaranteed access with as little as 4 to 6 hours’ notice (depending on the share size and aircraft type) to more than 750 aircraft1 in our worldwide fleet. The largest, most diverse fleet in the world is composed of a variety of aircraft types across four cabin classes, all outfitted to the highest NetJets standards. This means you have full flexibility to make your aircraft fit each individual mission while having the opportunity to experience the different aircraft in our fleet.



Jeff Gordon, NASCAR icon and previous whole aircraft owner, discusses how NetJets fractional jet ownership allows the same access and elevated safety with fewer challenges and time commitments than owning his own aircraft. Watch the video.Arrow Right Icon

3 Options.


Compare the NetJets Share to our other programs and find the one that fits your lifestyle and travel needs. No matter the option, all our Owners enjoy the unmatched service, convenience, and reliability that have made NetJets the worldwide leader in private aviation.

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1 Total number of aircraft includes aircraft under management by NetJets and Executive Jet Management.

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