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Experience our culture of safety

An uncompromising commitment to aviation safety is what truly sets NetJets apart.

You’ll sense it as your pilots personally inspect your jet prior to every flight. You’ll feel it when you tour our spotless maintenance facilities and meet our licensed operations teams. And you’ll know the moment you land at your next destination. Our focus on aviation safety permeates every decision, every investment, and every role in our organization. 
Safety is, and always will be, our top priority. Understand how NetJets is prioritizing Owner and employee health and well-being in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Critical Questions

When you’re comparing private aviation providers, it’s important to get honest answers to direct questions.
Do you employ and train your own pilots?
Do you welcome random safety audits from your customers?
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    Do you employ and train your own pilots?

    If not, why not?
  • 2

    Do you welcome random safety audits from your customers?

    If not, why not?
  • 3

    Do your pilots train in state-of-the-art flight simulators, testing their skills in challenging real-life scenarios?

    If not, why not?
  • 4

    Do your pilots offer aircraft-specific expertise and fly only that model?

    If not, why not?
  • 5

    Do you have the financial stability and resources to continually invest in safety?

    If not, why not?
  • 6

    Do you insist that both a licensed dispatcher and the pilot clear a flight for takeoff?

    If not, what procedure do you follow?
  • 7

    Do you have a non-punitive program allowing the crew to remove themselves from duty if not fit for flight (due to unpredictable fatigue, illness, etc.)?

    If not, why not?
  • 8

    Are your pilots loyal to the company, with very little turnover?

    If not, how frequently do you rehire?
  • 9

    Do you have a full-time team dedicated solely to safety?

    If not, how do you invest in safety?
  • Our answer to each of these questions is, unequivocally, YES.
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“Safety is part of our company’s DNA. It’s not just a word. It’s not just a philosophy. It’s embedded in the way we do business every day.”
Eric McCarty, Vice President of Safety, NetJetsQuote Closed
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You’ll see it in their attentive preflight inspection of your jet. You’ll hear it in your personal flight plan briefing with them. And you’ll feel it as your aircraft cruises confidently toward your destination, commanded by the most experienced and highly trained professionals in the private aviation industry.
“The security we get from flying private—only NetJets can provide this feeling. The pilots are exemplary.”

–NetJets Owner since 2017

Uniquely qualified

Our expert pilots uphold the highest standards in private aviation safety. Every NetJets pilot is type-rated by the FAA for a specific aircraft, and that’s the only jet they fly for our Owners. Which means they know their aircraft better than anyone.

the highest standard of safety training

NetJets redefines the industry standard in private aviation safety. Our crewmember training program is part of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Advanced Qualification Program—which is revered as “the highest possible standard of individual and crew performance.” 
Learn more about our Advanced Qualification Program for pilot training >

Who do you fly with?

Meet Your Crew

Hear about their passion for flying and how they provide the best possible experience for our Owners.

Learn more >
Quote Open"Spend whatever it takes to be the safest and most secure. Then, spend whatever it takes to stay that way."Quote Closed
Warren Buffett, Chairman and Chief Executive, Berkshire Hathaway

The extraordinary care of NetJets

Service and maintenance

Because NetJets continuously invests in newer aircraft, those aircraft have warranties from the manufacturers. A reliable fleet and strong partnerships with the aircraft manufacturers help ensure our private jets meet our exacting aircraft safety standards at all times.

  • For 18 consecutive years, we have been recognized for the proactive and extensive training of NetJets Aviation Maintenance Technicians with the FAA Employer Diamond Award of Excellence. Learn more.
  • We are always in complete control of our fleet. We never lend our aircraft to other private charters, and our jets are secure at all times, preventing unauthorized access to any part of our operation.
  • NetJets’ spotless, state-of-the-art, 88,000 square-foot, FAA-certified facility in Columbus, Ohio, is available at all times for maintenance.



Cautious aviation balances have proven approaches with innovative, incremental improvements. We’ve spent more than a half century perfecting private jet travel, and we apply that experience and insight to create even better technologies and solutions.
Behind the beauty of our aircraft is the brilliance of our proprietary IntelliJet® II reservation and flight-tracking system. We use decades of historical data to anticipate problems before they occur.
We monitor and analyze crewmember alertness based on circadian rhythms, sleep and travel patterns, and other variables. So that every flight is your pilots’ best flight. 
NetJets flight operations are in constant communication with our pilots. Our Waypoint app assures they have the flight data and Owner preferences they need, without fail.
FAA Partnership
We’re privileged to assist in raising safety standards and advancing industry protocols. Most recently, we've supported the FAA in NextGen concept research, evaluation and implementation of a massive transformation of the U.S. air transportation system.
It’s not enough to have skilled, certified professionals in our facilities. This program connects them directly with OEMs to ensure they have the right part at the right time, every time.

The unseen perfection of

Daily operations

Our flight operations are achieved quietly, behind the scenes, with exacting efficiency and accountability. The NetJets Operations Center is fully staffed 24/7, awaiting our Owners’ requests at any time.

The reassurance of constant weather monitoring

Our FAA-approved meteorologists monitor weather conditions around the world, customizing flight paths and departure windows to ensure the safest, most comfortable routing. These are full-time, in-house staff who sit in our flight center and coordinate directly with our Owner Services and Operations teams.

A Higher Standard of Aviation Safety, Privacy, and Awareness

Dual-release dispatch
Before every departure, we require mutual agreement between a licensed dispatcher and our pilots. This protocol exceeds standard practice and empowers our crew to provide an extra level of safety.
Medical preparedness
In the event of an emergency, our partnership with MedAire® means first responding care from our rigorously trained crew is backed by on-call doctors and nurses available 24/7.
We constantly monitor worldwide geopolitics and work with multiple public and private sources of intelligence, including the U.S. National Security Agency, to adjust to changes that might impact NetJets Owners, crew and aircraft.
All flight plans honor our Owners’ need for discretion and confidentiality. NetJets' aircraft tail numbers assure anonymity of those aboard.
Data security
Our in-house data security teams focus on protecting data.
Safety Management System Program
NetJets is the first private aviation company to reach the highest level of the FAA’s Safety Management System Program. Learn more.

For some, the greatest luxury is


  • At many airports, our private boarding lounges eliminate lines and simplify customs. NetJets Owners enjoy exclusive access to secure, private points of departure.
  • Exit your vehicle and board in minutes, or enjoy a beverage or snack while your fellow travelers arrive.
  • Aircraft tail numbers are never associated with a specific traveler.
  • Passenger travel data is maintained under strict confidentiality.

are you a

Nervous flyer?

We know some of our Owners may have a fear of flying, so we have compiled expert advice from our pilots to help improve your next travel experience.Arrow Right Icon

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