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October 2021


Across the industry, flight volume continues to soar—and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. This increase includes NetJets Owners, who are traveling more than ever. In fact, our flight volume is at a record high. Here is a closer look at what the industry, and NetJets specifically, is experiencing today and how we are responding to it.


Across aviation—both commercial and private—the pent-up desire to travel has accelerated in a way that few could have imagined. And the way that many have chosen to travel reflects changes that occurred because of the pandemic. As the flexibility to work remotely became de rigueur for executives, a blending of home- and work-life appeared in all types of experiences—including travel. At NetJets, we call this “doing more and missing less.”

At NetJets, we refuse to compromise on safety and service. That is why we are taking aggressive steps to preserve the exceptional service that our Owners expect—and deserve—as flight volume increases.



Our Focus

It has been thrilling to see so many of our Owners getting back to the people and places that matter most to them. The dramatic influx in numbers is a clear indication of Owners’ confidence in our ability to get them safely to their destination. At NetJets, we counter the industrywide stress of unforeseen flight demand by continuing to focus on safety, then service, above all else. This includes doing everything possible to ensure that each and every flight lives up to Owners’ expectations.
NetJets is actively recruiting hundreds of highly skilled pilots and Flight Center staff to support our growing fleet. While many in the industry are fiercely competing to attract and retain talent right now, NetJets will continue to be the career destination of choice for the best in the industry because of our crew domiciles, work rules, growth forecast, and compensation and benefits.
Many across the industry are pushing to increase their fleet size right now. However, no one is doing it at the scale that we are. With more than 55 years of experience, we have built a foundation that allows us to leverage our scale and buying power in times like these. While we already own and operate the largest private fleet in the world, we need to continue expanding to keep up with demand. In 2020, we added more than 30 new private jets to our existing 760+ aircraft. We have exhausted the production capacity of some OEM partners, pulled forward deliveries wherever possible, and paused aircraft disposals. We now look forward to growing our fleet faster than we ever have by investing approximately $2.5B in more than 100 new aircraft arriving by the end of 2022. Next year’s deliveries will include the addition of the Global 5500 to our long-range jet fleet. The additional aircraft will strengthen our fleet and enable us to take more Owners wherever they need to be, whenever they need to be there.
In times like this when demand exceeds the number of aircraft in our fleet, we partner with our subsidiary Executive Jet Management (EJM)—and other operators that meet our exceptionally stringent criteria—to provide guaranteed access to a safe aircraft and expertly trained crew. While some providers build their entire business model around third-party aircraft, at NetJets this is done only when absolutely necessary to supplement our vast fleet.


We are going to great lengths and taking industry-leading action to temper demand. In fact, while we are definitely not the only one feeling the increase in demand, we are confident that we are the only one exhibiting the discipline and making the necessary investment to protect our brand and the exceptional service only NetJets can offer.

Fleet constraints are such that additional sales before more aircraft are delivered would put our service at risk. Our solution is to place all new requests for the NetJets Card ProgramTM on a waiting list, effective immediately. The decision to temporarily pause these sales, in addition to recently raising card prices and eliminating Peak Period Day travel on card purchases, allows us to continue prioritizing what is most important—delivering the best possible experience to all Owners.

Meanwhile, we have made a significant investment in new facilities, too. This includes large-scale hangars at Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport in California (SJC) and Centennial Airport (APA) in the Denver-Aurora metropolitan area. We are also now operating a hangar in Dallas, Texas (KDAL). These new spaces provide maintenance support so that Owners have guaranteed access to mission-ready aircraft.

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