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November 2021


We are seeing a trend in flight demand that those of us who have been in this industry for decades have never seen before. We want you to know all we are doing to ensure our service remains extraordinary. This means growing our fleet, gaining new talent, streamlining operations, and evolving our sales process. Here is a look at where we are today. 


55+ years of experience has helped us build a foundation that allows us to leverage our scale and buying power with world-class Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) such as Embraer, Textron, and Bombardier. Having exhausted their production capacity, we pulled forward deliveries where possible and paused aircraft dispositions. We are now growing our fleet faster than ever with the following steps:
  • Investing approximately $2.5 billion in 125+ new aircraft arriving by the end of next year, including more than 25 by spring
  • Welcoming both the Global 7500 and Global 5500 to our long-range fleet
  • Taking delivery of up to 100 additional Phenom 300Es beginning in 2023


We are actively recruiting the most experienced pilots in the industry, as well as staff to help support the largest private fleet in the world. We are thrilled to have hired more than 550 new employees so far this year. This includes 250+ pilots and 300+ non-Crew hires. Our goal is to recruit at least 100 more pilots and fill an additional 120+ roles across the company as soon as possible.


Operationally, there continues to be a ripple effect of new challenges across the industry. One example is the surge in leisure travel causing larger, more complex catering orders at a time when most caterers are facing crippling staffing challenges. Our solutions for relieving the strain on our hard-working, longtime catering partners include flying food in from larger cities, utilizing delivery services, and partnering with local restaurants. This inspired our exciting new partnerships with renowned Major Food Group-owned restaurants Sadelle’s and Parm, and critically acclaimed chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. With hopes of future expansion, this test offers new meals exclusively created for Owners departing from the New York metro area.

To purposefully build for the future, NetJets has made a significant investment in new facilities, too, where maintenance support offers Owners guaranteed access to mission-ready aircraft now and long into the future.


On the sales side, we put all jet card requests on a waitlist months ago, and requests now number over 1,500. Subsequently, we paused share and lease sales for immediate access, which resulted in further relief of demand on the fleet. Some of our competitors have followed suit, though none have gone to the lengths that we have to protect the service of our existing Owners.


We will all need to continue to adapt as we navigate this unique period in our industry together. Rest assured, we are doing everything possible to mitigate current challenges while enabling you to do more and miss less. While the availability of leases and shares currently varies by aircraft type, we are accepting deposits to help you with your travel needs in 2022 and beyond. To guarantee safe, reliable travel in the future, contact one of our private aviation experts today.

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