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Exceeding Industry Training Standards

For over 55+ years, NetJets has been the worldwide leader in private aviation and pilot training. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently granted permission to transition NetJets’ pilot training, making NetJets the first Part 135 carrier to be accepted into the Advanced Qualification Program (AQP). The FAA refers to this program as “the highest possible standard of individual and crew performance” within the aviation industry.
By officially adopting the voluntary program, NetJets is customizing pilot training to be based on human factors, taking into account the experience and performance of each and every crewmember. Findings from the National Transportation Safety Board investigations revealed human factors remain a source of risk in accident prevention and as such, improving human performance is a central element to improving overall safety. NetJets’ transition to a human-factors approach started in 2007 to leverage experiences and resources from commercial airlines. AQP will test the pilots’ knowledge and reactions to real-world flight scenarios, which are often based on information obtained from NetJets’ Flight Operations Quality Assurance in-flight data recorders.

This will continue NetJets’ commitment to achieve the highest possible standard of crew performance, thereby enhancing safety. NetJets launched the program in January 2020 and plans a continual rollout, bringing additional aircraft into AQP every three months until the entire fleet is included.
Quote Open“We are thrilled to be the first private aviation company to receive support from the FAA under this new program. The standards for safety have always been the top priority for NetJets, and we look forward to continuing to evolve and succeed with AQP.”Quote Closed
Alan Bobo, EVP, Chief Operating Officer, NetJets

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