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Expand corporate jet access with the NetJets Fleet

Partnering with Corporate Flight Departments

NetJets is more than a plane. We’re a partner. We understand the distinct challenges associated with running a successful flight department. Whether you need to supplement your corporate fleet or separate executive business travel from personal travel, you can depend on our corporate jet solutions.


NetJets operates the largest, most diverse fleet of private jets in the world, so a NetJets aircraft can originate from wherever you desire. Capitalizing on the global availability of NetJets allows you to better manage your ferry flights. This can increase the efficiency of your corporate flight department and your corporate jet fleet.


When demand for flights exceeds the number of aircraft you have available, you need a reliable resource to increase capacity. Whether your corporate jet is out of service for maintenance or already booked, NetJets can provide additional corporate jet travel options whenever and wherever you need it.


As you strive to achieve maximum efficiency with your corporate jet fleet, the demands on your crews increase. NetJets corporate jet solutions can be used to better balance the demands on your pilots. They also allow you to have a contingency plan in the event of crew illness or to cover for crews who are approaching their maximum-duty limits. And rest assured that NetJets pilots and crew are held to the highest standard of training.
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corporate accountability

Because of increased scrutiny of corporate aircraft use and compliance concerns, many companies are purchasing a NetJets program to aid in their compliance efforts. Our products—the NetJets ShareTM, NetJets LeaseTM, NetJets Marquis CardTM, and Supplemental Lift Assurance—can provide you with the ability to easily distinguish between aircraft used for personal flights versus those used for corporate flights. Your costs are predictable for the entire term of your contract. NetJets will provide you with a detailed cost-analysis model to budget your corporate jet program expenses accurately.
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Total number of aircraft includes NetJets U.S., NetJets Europe, and Executive Jet Management fleets.