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Falcon 2000



Within a traditional large cabin feel, this private jet offers the flexibility of conference and club seating making it ideal for work or relaxation. 

The Falcon 2000 is an ideal large cabin jet, perfectly suited for transcontinental and international flights. It boasts an extremely quiet cabin and multiple benefits for up to 10 passengers. These include hot, catered meals served by a NetJets flight attendant on every flight. 

Relax in this spacious, large cabin jet, and reach your destination rested and recharged. 
10 Passengers6:30 Hours1134 ft3 Baggage
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Dassault Falcon 2000
  • 7.7ft
    Cabin width
  • 31ft
    Cabin length
  • 6.2ft
    Cabin height
  • 134ft3
    Baggage capacity
  • up to6:30Hours
  • 528mph
    High-speed cruise
  • NetJets Connects® Text & Talk
  • Wi-Fi
  • Universal Power Outlets at Every Seat
  • DVD Player, Video Monitors, and Cabin Speakers
  • Real-Time Maps and Flight Tracking with Arrival Times
  • Full-Service Galley with Experienced Flight Attendant
  • Signature Selections Inflight Dining
  • Premium Snacks and Beverages Stocked to Your Taste
  • Ample Lighting and Storage in Lavatory
  • Precise Cabin Temperature Control
  • Your Favorite Newspapers and Magazines
  • Your Owner Services Team Welcomes Special Request
How much baggage does 134ft3 hold?
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See How Far You Can Go

Flight Range

Select an airport on the map below to see the non-stop service available with the Dassault Falcon 2000.

Bedford, MA
Dassault Falcon 2000
6:30 hours
Max Endurance

These maximum range examples are based on typical cruise speed assuming ISA conditions, 85% statistical annual winds, and standard fuel reserves. The intent is comparison purposes only; not for actual fl­ight planning. Actual performance is subject to day of fl­ight conditions.


Large Cabin

Dassault Falcon 2000
10 Passengers6:30 Hours1134 ft3 Baggage
11 Passengers8:45 Hours1115 ft3 Baggage
14 Passengers9:45 Hours1169 ft3 Baggage
13 Passengers11:45 Hours1195 ft3 Baggage
13 Passengers13:30 Hours1195 ft3 Baggage

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