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An Interview with Joe Don Rooney of Rascal Flatts

Grammy-nominated American vocal group Rascal Flatts has become a country music staple. Having sold over 23 million records—including 16 number one hits—they travel all over the United States performing for loyal fans. 

Because they can go from being on tour to flying home and then back again all in one week, having the right travel partner can make a huge difference. Hear how the lead guitarist from Rascal Flatts, Joe Don Rooney, relies on NetJets to help him balance precious family time with the demands of his music career.
Q: You spend so much time on the road—and in the air—how do you handle all that travel? 

Travel plays such a huge role in my life. It’s what I do. I travel all the time with Rascal Flatts on tour or, whenever I want to take the family and go somewhere, of course, I’m flying somewhere. It’s all about time management and trying to be with my family or flying by myself—and balancing that out. But it all does have to do with travel.

Q: At NetJets, we pride ourselves on providing bespoke service that makes the travel experience effortless for our Owners. How does NetJets make life more manageable for you and your family?

A: If you’ve spent any time with any NetJets people—the pilots and the crew—if you’ve been fortunate enough to experience that with them—you know it’s just top-notch. The Captain’s always on point, always awesome, and always courteous. And, you know, NetJets just knows how to provide that for you. You don’t have to even worry about that part of it. 
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“…it’s just top-notch … NetJets knows how to provide that for you.”
Joe Don Rooney, Lead Guitarist, Rascal Flatts and NetJets Brand AmbassadorQuote Closed
Q: What can you do on a NetJets flight that you can’t do on a commercial flight?

You can get some stuff done on the aircraft. In my case, I can literally plug my guitar in my laptop—I’m doing sessions on my laptop. 

Q: Because of the success of Rascal Flatts, you’re constantly touring across the United States. What do you appreciate most about NetJets while you’re on tour?

A: When you get on that flight, lay in your seat, chill out, and relax to your destination.

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