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Peak Period Days

Exceptional service on the busiest days of the year

One of the many benefits of flying on the largest, most diverse fleet in private aviation is guaranteed access—even on Peak Period Days. We strive to provide exceptional travel experiences for all NetJets Owners every day of the year. Whether you’re traveling with family around the holidays or spending a long weekend on the slopes, we’ll get you there.

Providing Superior Care

During the most demanding times of year, NetJets operations continues to excel. More than 6,000 aviation professionals work in tandem to ensure NetJets Owners are well taken care of. This requires careful coordination of an extraordinary volume of flights—over 42,000 global flights just from November to January, to be exact. And year after year, NetJets makes it happen. 

Exceptional service is what drives our culture and makes us who we are. And it’s the busiest times of the year that gives us the opportunity to excel at what we do best. 

Considerations for

Peak Season Travel

Enjoy Guaranteed Access

NetJets Owners are guaranteed access to our fleet during peak travel seasons. Due to heightened demand on the NetJets fleet, we require additional notice for new bookings or when making changes to an existing reservation. This helps us appropriately plan for the influx in flight activity and ensures your private jet is ready when you need it. The number of days that qualify as “Peak Period” varies by NetJets program but can be as few as 10 days each year.

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There are multiple ways to fly with us—NetJets ShareTM, NetJets LeaseTM, and NetJets CardTM. Learn more about the differences between programs and select the best option for your unique travel needs. 
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